Tribune – Tales



With their brand new album titled Tales, Tribune has absorbed the sounds of Progressive Heavy Metal and fused with Death and Thrash Metal.

With their influences deeply impacting the instrumental aspect of the album, the lyrics which are written by lead singer Bryan fully move this album into a whole different level.

Right from the start Tribune start the album off with the quiet sounds of pages being turned for the first twenty seconds before they begin their full on assault. Bryan’s vocals right from the start will definitely grab your attention. If you are a fan of Volbeat then you will easily become involve yourself deep into Tales. Your expectations of what this album is going to sound like is quickly dissolved as Bryan implements his many different vocal styles by showing off his deep growls and shrieks. But outdoing everything around him the melodic guitar riffs blast right through your speakers. The solo that hits after the three and a half minute mark takes its toll on the song as well.

They tied each song together with a purpose on the album which gives Tales a great steady flow, as “Tales” ends with a fade out they start off “Insectoid” with a ripping guitar riff that takes you right into Bryans shrieking. Just after the first minute of the song passes Ryan has a sweet sounding bass riff that bends the sound of the song. When you first listen to the song Bryan leaves you wondering how he is going to sing the next verse of the song. Hearing all of this on the album really makes me want to check these guys out live.

“Horror” leaves the progressive melodic metal behind and brings forth the Death and Thrash Metal. The intro for the song right away sets the song apart from the others with an eerie sounding backing track mixed with the keys playing rather slowly sets the song up. Quickly after the intro Jason begins his vicious aggressive assault. Jason damn nears takes everything out around him during his fury when the song gets over the intro. The vocals are experimental in the song as Bryan combines thrash and 90’s rap alternative in the song. I was hoping the 90’s rap alternative was going to progress deeper into the song but it was a one shot deal. To put the final nail into the song they stop the song heavy and suddenly.

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