Tylor Dory Trio Carried Away

TDT - album coverTylor Dory Trio
Carried Away

Carried Away from Tylor Dory Trio will leave you wanting more after this four song E.P. For having only four songs there is an incredible amount of vigorous accents, Styles, and sounds. You get everything from acoustic rock to Aggressive Metal. For me it’s the vocals that make this album especially with the opening track “Time, The Beholder” .

I will admit with the fact that I was a little lost and turned away from the album almost right away with the Slow and click track intro with “Time, The Beholder” but when the vocals hit my ears for the first time I was immediately blown away with the vocals. For fans of Alice In Chains you guys are going to enjoy this track especially the vocals. “Time, The Beholder” is definitely a genre bending song to say the least. There is quite a bit going on throughout the track with countless riffs and hooks, tempo changes, and the use of different genres. If you are into flipping around in tracks then you should check out the solo just after the five minute mark. It would be interesting to see an audience reaction to the song in a live setting. Again the vocals in this track are simply put powerful as all fuck.

Up next is a song titled “Carried Away”, which is a total 180 from the previous track as this song is an acoustic number. The acoustic guitar is quite catchy throughout the song so don’t get turned away by the sound of Acoustic Guitar. The vocals in this track I think carry the song away in their own right. They are a step away from the previous song but in rock tone sense they are still there. Even the softened “harmonies” that play in the background go nicely with the song. Just as the previous song the song takes a few different approaches and sequences throughout. Around the four minute mark the song goes in a completely different direction as Tylor Dory Trio hits your ears with a simple riff on a piano but only after the song seems to hit its climax. Now this low end of the song goes on for about a minute before they jump into a Metal cut which then leads right into the next aggressive track “The Black Lodge”.

Now “The Black Lodge” gives the album an aggressive metal sound. This sound doesn’t stick around throughout as Tylor Dory Trio blends and implements different tempos and sounds in this song as well.

With the way each song takes on a new life and sound throughout its duration you could say that the album is created within the same context as a book with each song having a couple of different chapters in each.