Uncut Infinite Repeats


Uncut have released their newest alternative rock album titled Infinite Repeats. With ten tracks of deep Drum driven songs that are equally matched with guitar licks.

The album kicks off with the song “Young Pioneers”. A generalizing rock sounding guitar solo kicks off the song which leads into a full combustion from the rest of the band. Jon on drums definitely takes off in the song the heavy infectious beat from the toms rains out throughout the track. The vocals are almost lost in behind the beat from the toms and the crashing of the cymbals later on in the song.  The combination of the lead and backing vocals by the way they are performed and recorded really takes your mind into a concert setting especially as the song progresses.  “Young Pioneers” would be one of my choices for a lead single off the album.

Right away I was drawn into “Washed Out” by the deep sound progression of the intro. The grunge/alternative/ rock song quickly stood out from the pack on the album. This song takes a step aside from the other tracks on the album, the lead and backing vocals still carry on the fellowship and wavelengths and are still quite comparable to most of the album but it is the instrumental aspect that stands out for me. It was great for me to hear the opening lick to the song being played throughout the song since that was one of the reasons that hooked me into the song.

To finish off the album the guys decided to go with “Shrouds” right away the infections drum beat will probably draw your ears into the song as it did mine. The drums do get quieted down a little bit as the intro progresses.  I was a little surprised at first by the way they went with a higher toned guitar sound in the song and didn’t go a sound similar to what is in “Wasted Daughters” or “Young Pioneers”. At about the fifteen second mark the song progresses into a more of a pop/rock sound. Even the vocals take a bit of a turn and match up in comparison to the higher tones guitars. As I listened to the song more and more I seemed to find that there is quite a British feel to the song, especially when it came to the backing and lead vocals and that is when I found that the guitars did seem to fit the song more and more when in my mind I made the comparison to a British rock/pop song.

You can pick up your copy at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/infinite-repeats/id667598392