Until Dawn Horizon


Horizon by Until Dawn harvests Ear Ripping Guitar Riffs, Screaming Vocals that shifts the power without warning, a heavy mix of Melodic Modern Metal and Hard Rock

The fact that Horizon takes a Modern Metal mix and compounds a Hard Rock rhythm into their songs makes this band stand out to me. While making sure that their songs are completely hard hitting, they ensure a possibility of radio and commercial success by straying away from a Death Metal or Heavy Metal sound. The experimental aspect of the album was quite an interesting factor for the album, they were not afraid to mix things up quite drastically throughout the album especially when it came to changing the tempo and sound of the album completely in a couple of tracks. One of my favourite exploits of this came in the deeply tuned and toned down song “DNR”. The guitar solo at the four and a half minute mark was a great find at first but when the song took a complete turn and went into an old fashioned background vinyl sound with a finger picking style of playing which fed off of the intro of the song.

Horizon kicks off with a song titled “Roamers And Lurkers”. Immediately after a quick deep intro they take a defiant and aggressive approach with Luke hitting the drums with a solid ferocious attitude and to only be matched with Steve and Deke on Guitars, Darren on Bass and Adam on vocals. The mix of screams, growls and Hard Rock vocals in this track is skillfully performed and mixed. One of the highlights of “Roamers and Lurkers” for me is at the two minute mark when they nail a decisive twenty second  guitar solo right after a heavy Scream from Adam. If this solo wasn’t as good as it is I’m pretty sure it may have been enough to burn the entire song. Then to finish off the song in a heavy scene the vocals give one last heavy growl.

Following “Roamers And Lurkers” one of my favourite songs off of Horizon “Strings Of The Damned”. It is not very difficult to see how they go the name for this song, after the immediate shredding lesson that our ears get the second this song begins. For me it’s the rhythm that kicks in at twenty five seconds that makes this song one of my favourites. The fact that they kept the vocals down to the hard rock and slight metal edge sound and didn’t fill the rhythm sections with screaming vocals quickly moved this song up on the album for me. As the vocals get deeper during the song they are still legible and not incoherent which was a huge factor is also for me.  The guitar work in this song is quite outstanding, I would like to know how many hours and how many versions of the guitar parts were involved before the recording process took place, because this final mix is mint.

The album has actually thirteen songs in total with the last two being bonus tracks. I was surprised to see the title track being placed at the very last but as I listened to the album over and over again it does help close off the album.

To pick up your copy of Horizon you can visit, www.UntilDawn.ca