Van Halst World Of Make Believe

VH - WorldOfMakeBelieve Cover

Van Halst
World Of Make Believe

One could not call this album either a straight Metal or Rock album, Van Halst with their new album titled World Of Make Believe combines both genres and installs a European and Synth root element to their sound.

Throughout the album the driving force behind each song for me is the vocals from the lead singer Kami Van Halst. If you are a fan of Evanescence then you will be particularly enthralled with her vocals. She really helps and pushes the tones and tempos of each song. “Denying Eyes” shows the acoustical and combination Rock side of Kami’s vocals. Without losing the energy and backing of the guitars in track Kami shifts over from the acoustics to a heavier and stronger tone alongside the electrified guitars.

The opening track “The End” is a song where you can take it or leave it. I found the intro was a bit of a lengthy stretch especially for a intro track, I think I would have spilt up the first minute onto a separate track. Trust me it’s worth the wait for the track to finally take off. The heavy Metal riff more than makes up for the wait. The chanting vocals quickly escalate and take over the song in a dramatic fashion, to the point where the song almost becomes the anthem for the entire album.

My favourite track off of the album is definitely the title track “World Of Make Believe”. Once again the chanting will surely grab your attention throughout the track. If you are a fan of Volbeat then you will find this track a similar match to the style as well. Even Kami’s vocals have a high end strength of Michael Poulsen’s vocals as well, the way she tails off with the ending of each line of lyrics.

Lyrically “Questions” opens up a different side of the album.

World Of Make Believe finishes off in a lighter fashion with “Perfect Storm”. The song features Kami singing over a theatrical piano solo. If you want to hear the power and ascending agility of Kami’s vocals then you need to check out this song.