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I’m not sure what I could talk about what I favoured more about the album between the Vocals and the Guitars.

Tomislav Crnkovic simply put does an outstanding vocal performance throughout the entire album. Every time I listen to the album I am still blown away by the vocals on the album. One of my favourite aspects about the vocals is the fact that you can understand what he is singing at all times. There is also the classical sounding additive that he adds to each song which also directly inflicts upon the guitars as well, as Viathyn slips in a classical exert in only their second song.

The instrumental aspect of Cynosure is just as powerful as the vocal performances throughout. The timing between Jacob and Tomislav and Alex on Guitars/Bass and Dave on drums is one of the key elements that hold the songs and album together. Dave thoroughly destroys the kick pedals throughout the album and does it with a swift motion and timing that it works out greatly within the songs. The timing between the guitar solos and when the cymbals crash and the toms hit ring out quite loudly for me throughout the album as well.

Viathyn prove right away that they are out to impress with their instrumental compositions and arrangements, as Ageless Stranger has a minute and a half instrumental intro. Another instrumental highlight of the song is just before the three minute mark when Dave plays a wicked drum solo where the kick drums is timed with Jacob and Tomislav on the guitar. If you want to get an extra kick out of the song try turning up the bass in the song and wait and listen to the kick drum throughout the song. The “Hidden” backing tracks play a nice bed laying effect in the song as well. When they play the songs live they probably don’t appear but for the recorded version the effects add a nice touch to the song.

Viathyn also prove right away that they are not afraid about falling into the usual three minute role for their songs either as they pull off basically a minimum 6 minutes for all of their songs except for one song which is twenty seconds shy of six minutes.

Up next is my favourite song off of Cynosure “The Coachman”. One of the riffs that plays out in the intro is what originally made me pay attention to the song but quickly my ears were overgrown with the sound and the flow style of the song. One of the main styles I enjoy in the song is the “Stepping” style with the vocals, there is a small fraction of a break between the vocals which creates the effect. I also like the fact that the vocals are not performed this way throughout the entire song but used just enough to create the lasting effect on the song. The first time I heard the growls in the song I didn’t know what to think of them but as I listened to “The Coachman” again and again I saw that they serve a purpose and help send off the song into the bridge of the song effectively. At the four and a half minute mark is where my favourite guitar riff hits. I don’t think Dave could have hit a better timing cymbal bell hit than he did just after this quick instrumental break finishes off. Now to top it all off to finish off the song Viatyhn plays a wicked version of Edvard Grieg In the Hall of the Mountain King (and people say watching cartoons with your children doesn’t help you out in life, Thank you Little Einsteins.)

Another favourite track of mine is cleverly titled “Three Sheets To The Wind”. For me it is the intro that makes this song stand straight out on the album. The vocals almost get buried behind the guitars and drums a couple of times during the song, which I was a little surprised by the first time I listened to the song. Dave definitely hits the skins hard throughout the song. The timing for me in “Three Sheets To The Wind” is one of the biggest strengths in the song.
“Three Sheets To The Wind” would be a great one to see being played live just due to the changing style and sound that happens/changes throughout the song and also to be able to hear and catch the crucial timing marks in their live shows as well.

Now to finish off Cynosure, Viatyhn has chosen to use the title track for the job. Now one of the biggest notes about the song is the fact that the song lasts for 9:36 which is the longest song that I have come across in recent memory. the songs sounds great but the shitty deal is the fact that there is a good chance that the song will not be making it to prime time radio any time soon.

The album came out on October 7th and you can go to to grab yourself a copy.

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