Vienna D’Amato Hall It’s What The Dog Saw


Vienna D’Amato Hall debut album It’s What The Dog Saw is a Folk charming album with an ambient reflection floating throughout. The album also has a sweeping electrified element to give a couple of songs a bit of a push beyond the folk component of It’s What The Dog Saw.

The album relies heavily on the soft harmonizing vocals from Vienna being either lead or the harmonizing with the backing vocals. Once you dig a little deeper into the album Vienna does put forth a bit more of an attitude towards her vocals especially in the song “Benedict”. Still staying on the topic of “Benedict” this is one song that jumped out of the album for me. The guitar parts in the song were a nice surprise during my first listen through the album. The upbeat tempo of the track was a nice touch on the album.

The title track It’s What The Dog Saw appears as the third track on the album. The song pushes the boundaries of a melodramatic song and leaves the pretenses of the album as a whole behind. I The song does take a bit of time before Vienna showcases a blues movement with the power of the slide guitar, if only this spot in the song lasted a bit longer. This segment does appear again in the track but is shadowed by the lower tempo of the song.

“Madeline” I found bends the line of the folk appeal on the album and leans towards more of a country tone. The acoustics are catchy in the song, which is the reason that first brought my attention towards the song.