Vow Of Thorns Farewell To The Sun


Vow Of Thorns
Farewell To The Sun

Released just under one week ago Vow Of Thorns are out with their brand new album Farewell To The Sun.

This album is not your everyday Doom, Black metal Album, with what comes as an extensive release within each song. The Album also has a few Rock elements thrown in throughout the album as well. I found The Rock aspect shows up in the guitar riffs. Case in point check out the intro within the first song titled “Meeting On The Astral Plane” . The vocals throughout the album are a dark/sinister and scorching sound.

Depending on the way you look at the vocals, which they do sound pretty wicked for the duration of the album. I just found within a few of the riffs and rhythm of the songs that the vocals just didn’t match up with the style which Kevin Hawthorne has portrayed on the album.

This album is not your typical pick a track off of the album and enjoy the song for five minutes this is an album which you play from start to finish for almost an hour. With more than a pair of tracks lasting over ten minutes I doubt you will get to hear or see much of this album appear on any online or radio airwaves. The band has released the intro track “Meeting On The Astral Plane” as the first single from the album.

With the bounty of each song you will find yourself enjoying many different aspects of each song. I found embedded within each track you are going to find a small or lengthy guitar riff that you will like. Now it also depends with the riffs if you are a fan of repetition or not. Depending on the riff I wanted to have the riff carry on, then other times it was satisfying to hear the riff come to an end.

The overall atmospheric tone for the album is a convex and concaved one. Each song brings you along the story which has its ups and downs but always seems to almost evolve a semicircle of emotions and sounds. Each songs leads into the next as your carry on your way through the album. This is where having your ears being able to decipher the lyrics more would play out top hand. Again not knocking the vocals in anyway I just don’t have a clue in hell on what Kevin is screaming out.