Vyc Vypyr A Hero’s Grave Part 1

vyc vypyr

The Direct driving blend of Metal and Rock styles pushes A Hero’s Grave from Vyc Vypyr to sounds and levels that I have never heard before.

First off you have the technical guitar skills from Raffaele Guarna and Allessandro Guarna that sounds brilliant throughout the album. There are really no solos that do not belong or sound forced into in any of the songs. You can hear hints of 80’s Metal and Rock in the guitars throughout the album as well, they even slip in the acoustic guitar which really hits in “Inclement Weather’, and the classical/fingerpicking intro of “No Compromise”. The timing between the guitars, drums and vocals really prowls out in the songs it’s one of the main reasons why I like this album as much as I do. Going back to 80’s Metal if you are a fan of that era than you will definitely like the sounds of Raffaele vocals.

“No Compromise” was one of the first songs that I jumped right out at me after my first run through the album. After watching the Canadian Guitar Festival for the past couple of years the intro to this song immediately jumped out at me. Being quite honest this was probably the last thing that I thought I would hear on a Metal album, Am I ever happy that the threw it in on the song. Right after the acoustic intro is over the song takes right off. The drums from Chris Buttera really drives the song for the most part as the guitars move more into a Riff Rock sound. Have no worries however Vyc Vypyr still throws in a few sweet sounding solos. I’m sure you will also enjoy how clear the vocals are in the song as well and the pressing of the backing vocals help propel the portions of the lyrics that they appear in.

The keys that Vyc Vypyr hit you with in “Even The Sky Bleeds” is worth you stopping in and listening to. Maybe they don’t belong on the album or maybe they do but either way the skill and sound played here is pretty sweet. I think it also has something to do with me growing up with the NES that draws me to the song as well.

If I had to pick a first single off of the album I would definitely go with “Control”. If you are a fan of Living Color at all then you will probably find a reasoning with this song. The riffs and solos in the song hold their own. The deepness of the riff is what really drives me towards the song. The Kick drum that hits just after the two minute I thought was going to take the song in a different direction at that point during my first listen to the song but it more or less just adds a different sounding element to the song.