Wide Mouth Mason – Rained Out Parade

Wide Mouth Mason – Rained Out Parade

This is a band that I feel hasn’t received the credibility or the stardom that they rightfully deserve. I have seen them in concert twice and they haven’t disappointed me yet. The first time was at Aj’s hanger and then at the Festival of The Islands. Shaun Verrault plays lead guitar and lead vocals. Earl Pereira is the power behind the bass and backup vocals. Safwar Javed plays the Drums and backup vocals.

Rained Out Parade was released in 2002 under the Warner Music label and with help from the Canadian Government. The album is made up of 14 tracks.

The Song Rained Out Parade stands out to be the best song on the album. I remember hearing the song on my walkman in my grade 12 math class. 106.9 The Bear an Ottawa station made a regular time slot for the song. This was the song that got me caught for listening to music in class, I was moving my head and my feet to the song and my teacher knew I never understood anything in his class so he knew something was up. Rained Out Parade is a song that is easy to sing along to. I remember when Wide Mouth Mason played the song at the Festival Of The Islands, the crowd gave a loud cheer and was able to sing the song with Shaun when he put the microphone over the crowd.

Bootleggin’ is the first track on the album. Shaun shows his slide guitar playing skills throughout the song. “I got a new song” is the start of the song, after that point I find the song is very catchy. Being such a catchy song to me I don’t know why it didn’t get any airtime that I am aware of. If you have this album do you think that it should deserve airtime? Your answer probably is yes, especially if you like great slide guitar playing in your music.

My New Self seems to be the low ball song on the album. It might have been a song written to follow the success of My Old Self. – A former top 10 hit for the band -. Being a band that puts a lot of momentum into their music Lagavulin – the third song – slows it down a little bit; but don’t worry Rained Out Parade comes on next and picks up where my new self left off.

Reconsider starts off with a heavy guitar riff and a deeper vocals coming out of Shaun. Reconsider is played with a deeper and heavier sound that is not usually heard from Wide Mouth Mason. Shaun makes sure that his slide abilities is heard. Earl can be heard having a couple of solos throughout the song. Puppet In A Clown Show also is a heavier sounding song like Reconsider.

Come Out To Go sounds like an experimental song for the band. Starting off with different sounds the song also features vocal solos in a couple of places. There is also a touch of guitar distortion that is put into the song.

40 Watt Moon finishes out the album. Being another slower rhythmic song I found they should of placed the song into the middle of the album somewhere and finished out the album with Alright, Alright because of the heavy sound that the song is made up of.