Xprime – PM



Now here is an album that is definitely worth exploring If you are looking for a new sound to listen to as Xprime brings an exciting approach to a Pop Alternative sound.

The upbeat characteristics of the album is the driving force from Xprime throughout PM. Their songs are riff based of sorts and help drive the songs but it’s the overall musicianship that brings each song together.

PM starts off with one of my favourite songs from the release titled “All To Myself”. You just have to give the song a couple of seconds before a simple yet inducing hook grabs your ear. There are a few bands that come to mind when the lead vocals hit, especially I found a large flavouring of the Black Keys between the lead and backing vocals. There are a few different techniques and sounds that Xprime embeds within the track that gives you an entertaining and ear opening experience the first time you listen to the track. Now don’t take a different angle on that phrase and think the song gets boring after the first listen I’m just saying you are going to be pleasantly surprised while you listen to the song for the first time. The way they ended the song and approach the next song “Ambedo” is quite clever and catchy.

“Ambedo” is my favourite track from the album. I’m pretty sure you could submit this song into a summer party play list without a problem. Just like many of their tracks the song is wildered with hook arrangements. The harmonies that hit just after the minute and a half mark gets me every time. The chanting vocals also add a nice sounding effect to the song.

“Lipsitck Cigarette” brings out more of a rock edge to the album, and still contains the smooth vocals throughout the track. Around the 2:30 mark Xprime hits your ears with a laid back blues solo which rides your ears out until the end of the track.