An Interview with The Honest Heart Collective

thhc-photoYou guys are just starting your short but also lengthy tour depending on how you are looking at it. What are some of your biggest fears while hitting and being on the road?

Van breakdowns, playing for nobody, food poisoning, & hitting a moose on highway 17.

On September 23 you guys are going to be playing The Mansion In Kingston what should your fans and travellers look forward to this night?

These shows are rated 19+, may contain elements of coarse language, violence, drug use, substance abuse, nudity, & mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

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What are you looking forward to the most while on tour?

Meeting & talking to new people, it’s one of my favourite things I get to do on tour.

Are there any cities that you wanted to hit on this tour that you just couldn’t quite make it to this time around?

I really wanted to hit London, ON on this tour. It just didn’t line up with the dates we were hoping for. Vegas would have been cool too, but it’s a bit out of the way.

Now your music is a definite crossed match between rock, punk and pop and huge signs of Against Me, how did you decide on your specific sound that you have now?

It’s funny that you mention that, we never actually listened to Against Me! Until this past May when someone told me we sounded like we listened to a lot of them growing up. So it wasn’t till then that I discovered the church of Laura Jane Grace. I sort of naturally came to this sound being a kid with a punk background who found my dads old Bruce Springsteen cassettes.

While playing your songs live how do you feel you compare and bring the same life to sound as the recorded versions?

That’s always the challenge for our band. We put a lot of effort into making our live show as fun & energetic as possible. Things start to tame out a little when we’re in the studio recording to a metronome. It’s not the same environment as a live show with a crowd to feed off of.

What do you guys look forward to the most while playing your songs live?
Having more and more people singing along. We just love playing music, so when people know the lyrics it just enhances the overall experience of the show. It means the world to us and I hope that feeling never stops.

Where can people check out the social links for The Honest Heart Collective
You can check out our website,, @honestheartco on Twitter & Instagram.