8 MM Artist Spotlight


1.  You just released multiple remixes for your song Around The Sun, what is the idea behind releasing so many different versions?

Sean – When we put out “Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts” alot of our friends, who are super talented remixers and artists, asked us if they could do remixes. We soon found that alot of them were choosing “Around The Sun” so we just went with it.  We decided it would be cool to release the batches of remixes as collections.  In the end all of the songs were remixed by several different artists except for Glimmering which we reserved exclusively for my old friend, and van seat mate from the early NIN tours, Chris Vrenna.

2.  I instantly began to dig your album Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts, how did you toy with the idea of varying so far away from this alternative edge? 

Sean –  We are always looking to stretch our boundaries.  Look at the differences between “Songs to Love and Die By”, “Love and the Apocalypse”, and Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts”. We are constantly pushing to see where we can go musically and still sound like 8mm. The great thing about remixes is that you get to see how different artists interpret your songs.  A song is, in reality, just a melody and lyrics.  It is what you build around it that sets the mood and the emotions that you want to rouse in the listener. Doing interpretive covers of great songs  is one of Juliette and my favorite things to do. Slowing it down, changing the underlying chord progressions etc can really enhance a lyric in a new and powerful way or make a listener feel something completely new.  For us remixes are a way to hear new life poured into our babies.  It is endlessly fascinating to us what they become.

3.  You also released a video for “Around The Sun” as well; are you able to explain the storyline behind the video?

Juliette – The video was a collaboration between us and the very talented director, L. Gustavo Cooper. In general I like to leave the story lines of our videos a little open to interpretation. I think it’s just more fun than over explaining and possibly ruining any chance for the viewer to come to their own conclusions. Our audience is smart. We like to let them make up their own minds. However, if I were to give one sentiment about the videos meaning, I think Gustavo and I would give you the same thought: Everybody needs a little extra room to dance sometimes.

4.  Were you unhappy with the way any of the remixes came out?

Sean – We always walk into remixes without any expectations and really desire that the creative people that are doing them get to have fun and express themselves freely. How disappointed could you be by that? It doesn’t hurt to have talented friends though…

5.  Do you have any expectations for the success of the new remix?

Sean – To us they are already a success. We love them.  We are inspired to do videos for them. Juliette is directing some of them and to me she always does the coolest videos. We have licensed some of the remixes already to TV and that is rewarding as well for us and the remixer because you get to see your work have an emotional effect on another artistic project as well as the financial reward which helps you afford to do more creative work.

6.  Are there any other remixes that you are currently working on? 

Sean – We have several more releases coming up that will explore other remixes from “Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts”. We are also doing film scoring. Juliette and I will start scoring our 3rd film this November. We also have a couple of side projects in the works with other talented musicians including a musical. We are pretty busy.  Juliette is an actress, film/video producer, and even hosts her own interview show for Knitting Factory Entertainment called “Drive Time” where she interviews musicians on the way to gigs or to the studio.  Musicians are always traveling so it shows them in one of their most natural elements – on the road.  I still do my “day job” mixing and producing musical artists so Juliette and I are always “making stuff up”. It’s hard work but it’s like being a kid; You get to use your imagination only you have a deadline and a goal.

7.  Now by having such great commercial success with your previous songs has this helped your creative process with other songs in anyway?

Sean – Success always helps. People are more willing to get on board and help when they see that there is a market for you.  Anytime you can make money doing art the really great thing is that it goes back into making more art. Financial support is necessary for the artist’s survival and more importantly for the survival of art as a whole. That is why purchasing your favorite artist’s music and merchandise is so important.  Besides financial success, anytime you work with other creative people on a project you expand your palette as an artist.  You can’t help but be influenced and have that influence be reflected in your future work. 

8.  How do your other art projects reflect in your new remix and your other songs?

Sean – I think it is reflected in the cooperative spirit and colaborative ethos of our newer work. We are more open to working with other writers and artists and really enjoy the creative sparring. This genesis is coming from our experiences doing film scoring and working in film and tv. It takes so many wonderful artists and technicians to bring a tv show or film to life which is so different from two or three people in a studio doing everything. Working on these huge projects opened us up to the possibilities. Juliette and I really feel energized by the creative energy around us. Luckily for us we really don’t get intimidated, just inspired. We are really excited by where this is taking us creatively. The new music we are writing is going to be another step forward.

9.  Where can people find to purchase Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts and the collective remixes for Around The Sun?





“Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts”

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