Artist Spotlight Jamie Lynn Hart

Jamie Lynn Hart Your Brand New album titled The Let Go is due out on February 17th how excited are you for the release?

It’s always a mixture of excitement and nervousness when you decide to plop your art out into the world. I’m definitely excited to release a collection of songs that the band and I worked really hard to create. Every single song is an extension of my heart and a true story from my life, so I really bare all!

What is the one song that you are most excited about on the album?

This is so hard! “Bad” was exciting because of the video element, but to be completely honest, I think the song that most speaks to people has been the last track “What Could Be” because it is just so raw and emotional. It’s the slowest song I’ve ever written. It has so much space. You can’t help but feel something.

Are there any fine details that you still need to go over or is the album 100% complete in your eyes?

It is complete. We took our time. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your car listening to the CD for the first time and you start to hear things you wish you did differently. “Why did I sing that like that!?. That’s not a very good rhyme. Was that a cliche phrase?” I wanted to be so proud of this album. And I really am.

What was the hardest song to record on the album?

Good question! Well I’d say “Seeker” was tricky because that song is kind of the black sheep of the whole set stylistically. We originally had a different arrangement and decided to change it right there in the studio as we were recording. But I insisted on keeping the song because it was imperative to me to have that as part of the album’s story. The lyrics mean so much to me.

But I also have to admit “What Could Be” was challenging because I was getting choked up in my little vocal booth and just kept having to sing through it. I have to be fully immersed in the lyrical meaning when I record, which means I have to go back to the moment when it all happened and relive it. Not always easy, but totally worth it in the end, don’t ya think?

Do any of the songs on The Let Go have any special meaning? 

I guess the two listed above for sure. But the two most spiritual songs on the record, “Seeker” and “Something More”, have a very strong soul connection for me. The past year has been a massive awakening for me spiritually, and I know my writing has started to change as a result. These two are proof of that paradigm shift for me. “Something More” was written as a stream of consciousness when I was really down in the dumps. We thrive on the hope of there being something more for us in life, and I now know there is. I want so badly for people to believe in that, and I wrote this for everyone that has that yearning for something greater.
Did you have any difficulties recording The Let Go?

This was a really wonderful recording experience. The band and I busted our butts rehearsing before the studio so we could have a really good time and open up creatively when we recording. We also had great success with Pledge Music and were blessed to have the fans contribute a majority of the album costs! How lucky am I?

Did you have any songs left off the album during the final mix of the album?

What you see is what you get!

How does the writing work for your songs?

It’s different every time, but this time I did something I’ve never done before with a few songs. I would write just a half of an idea and bring it to the band for their input. I figured five heads were better than one and really branched out harmonically and structurally. Songs like “Fadeaway” and “Not This Time” were entirely co-written by all of us. Lyrically, I like to write and walk. I go on songwriting walks when the weather is good.  Sometimes I’m lucky to plug into the muse and have it all downloaded in my brain space in a short amount of time. Other times, it’s piece by piece. I try to be patient with my process. Since it’s always autobiographical, I have to be 100% in the feeling for anything to work.

How do the songs transcribe into a live setting?

Perfectly. I’m so blessed to have such a stellar lineup backing me up. We are all very close and our chemistry and connection really comes across when we play live. Our live shows tend to be a bit more rock ‘n’ roll overall than the records. I’m beginning to include more intimate venues to our tour schedule so we can explore our “softer side”, haha!

Do you have any expectations for The Let Go success?

This is the million dollar question 🙂

I am on a continual quest to release myself from expectation of my music career. I’ve been attached to the outcome for long enough to make me really frickin’ exhausted. I titled the album “The Let Go” because it exemplifies what I’ve been trying to do this past year.  By clinging so tightly to the outcome, we prevent the natural flow of things. So, I’ve released my expectation of the success and have decided to do it for the love of it. I want to fall fully back in love with making music for a living. If I can do that, then people will gravitate to me because of my authenticity and not for any image I portray.