Artist Spotlight – Return For Refund

return for refundYour set to play a show at Clark Hall Pub in Kingston on February 12th, what songs should people expect to hear that night?

Some of the songs we’ll be playing are “Some Is Better Than None”, “The Fields”, “Those Bombs” and more. We also have a few songs we only play acoustically that we’ll be performing.

You mentioned that the show is going to be an acoustic show, how do the songs transcribe into an acoustic sound?

The songs sound great acoustic. We just finished an acoustic residency in December and even we were surprised how well they translated. Even “The Fields” which is a really heavy track with loud guitars comes across great. There are a couple songs like “Yolo” that just didn’t make sense acoustically. But at the same time we have a couple songs that only work acoustically. In the end, we only perform a song if we love how it sounds. We have a great set lined up for Kingston.

How difficult was it to break the songs down acoustically?

It took some time for sure. We did our best to respect the difference between acoustic and electric. Some times we had to change things up and approach the songs in a whole new way. Other times, they were perfect right off the bat. In the end, we’re really happy we decided to explore performing acoustically. It gave us a whole knew appreciation for the songs.

Do you feel that changing the songs over to acoustics do you feel that you may have lost the intensity and meanings of the songs?

I don’t think the meaning or intensity of the songs have suffered. I don’t think loudness equals intensity. It’s the feeling that makes a song intense, not how hard it’s played. Even with a song like “TV Light”, which is really in your face and loud, we find a groove when we play it acoustically that still captures the raw vibe of the track.

How will your setup be for the show, just acoustic guitar or are you going to add in drums as well?

The whole band will be playing. Sasha and I will be playing acoustic guitars. Karlis will be on the drums. He uses brushes to soften his sound.

You have been getting airplay from college radio stations, how has this increased the outlook for you guys?

It’s been great for us. We’re a relatively new band and we really didn’t know if people were going to be into what were are trying to do. But when we started getting airplay on college stations, we really started to think, “Wow, people are really digging this”. The programmers at those stations didn’t have to play us. We don’t have a label or huge machine behind us. The fact that they heard our music and put it on the air because they liked it is an amazing compliment.

Has having the airplay transcribed into more fans and listeners/buyers of your songs?

I would say we have more fans as a result. We get messages and social media likes from all over the country. Often I can see them coming from areas where we’ve been getting airplay. I think it’s great that people tune in to their local independent and student run stations. For many emerging acts like us, those stations are one of the few ways we can reach out to new fans.

Do you have any expectations for your self titled e.p’s success?

We’re really proud of the EP we put together. We’d love to see it spread out and get into as many ears as possible. But the main point of the EP was to say, “Here we are. We’re Return For Refund and this is what we have to offer.” So far we’re really happy with how its been received but we would love for it to go further. If this EP can send us touring across the country or even the States, that would be amazing.


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