Artist Spotlight – We Are The West

We Are The West - SFYour newest EP titled ‘Regards’ is a complement to your four-part debut album series?  How did you come up with that idea?

Well, you know, it all kind of happened organically. We just started in the beginning and we’re still going.  We met up in The Netherlands a few years ago and rented a shipping container on a sheep farm to rehearse and work out some ideas in, and we came up with the songs for our first recording ‘We Are The West I’, which we recorded in an underground parking garage in LA.  After that, the band was pretty much formed and we set out as a duo to put on shows and record in different spaces.  ‘We Are The West II’ we recorded in a barn in Western NY, and ‘We Are The West III’ in an empty house out in New Mexico.  With each one of them we had a general idea of a big picture.  That’s probably the biggest difference.  With this new release ‘Regards’, it was more about capturing a moment one afternoon.  We went up to the Bay Area with the intention of recording the song ‘Regards’ with our friend Jesse Olsen Bay, and the vibe was so nice we played through a lot of songs and accidentally made this EP.  Listening back later, we could hear the day and the whole setting, and we decided to see it through in a different direction.

Is the entire debut series going to be released as a full-length?

The next step for us is heading out to Joshua Tree to start work on recording ‘We Are The West IV’, and once we’re done, the entire series will be released on vinyl.  Our full-length record we plan to record live with our full band in an amazing old church in Geneseo, NY that our friend Mike Brown turned into a beautiful studio.

As you are releasing ‘Regards’ for free, was this a difficult choice to make?

It’s weird these days, putting up a tune to stream online means it’s released for free.  We’d like to think that there are people who will want to own it, download it, or get a hard copy, come see us play, support us that way.

How did you choose which three songs were going to be on this release?

The day we recorded in Sebastopol, it was raining and foggy and we played through a lot of songs that had been floating around.  A few of them stuck out and really captured the feeling of the day, so we asked some friends to play on the recordings, the whole time just seeing where it would lead us.

Do you have release dates in mind for the other albums?

Yeah, ‘We Are The West IV’ will be coming out this spring, and we’re planning to record the full-length in the summer.

As I listened to your single ‘Hold On’, I wondered how badly do you wish this was still the 70’s?

[Laughs]  Right now is a good time to be making music.

Being from LA how does your folk scene differ compared to other states that you guys have played in?

Over the past few years we’ve been putting on our own concert series in the underground parking garage of an office building the Saturday before each full moon, and through that we’ve kind of created our own scene.  We’ve been able to host and play with some of our favorite artists, and when we come through their town they help us out.  So in some ways they’re not that different, and our scenes are really intertwined.

Is there a certain State or Country that you would like to visit and play?

Touring in the States is great and we hope to play in all fifty at some point.  Right now we’ve got an invitation to play some shows in Australia and if we can make that work it’d be really exciting.

Where can people find you guys on the internet? Links?