Artist Spotlight with Joe Marson

joe marsonWith your New Ep titled Electric Soul in hand how excited were you to get the album released?
On a scale from 1 to 10? Very.

What song off of Electric Soul had you pumped up the most?
Hmmm. Pumped up. Well I’m really excited about all of them, but I love the sound and energy we got on “You Don’t Need A Man.”

Why did you choose “Here With Me” as your lead single from the album?
I’m just really proud of that song. It has pop sensibilities but still maintains a sense of depth and meaning. Those are my favorite kind of songs. The lyrics are very personal to me on that one.

You have also released a video for the single as well. How difficult was it to set up the video and run through and record everything the way you wanted to?

I did almost everything myself throughout the whole process. In terms of the video, I storyboarded, directed, choreographed and edited it. Most of which I had never done before. So that was a challenge in and amongst itself.By selling the album on Itunes have you had one song in particular sell better than the others?

People seem to gravitate towards the singles, because, as in the nature of singles, that’s what I promote. So as of now, “Here With Me” is the most popular.

Now you have a couple of sweet riffs throughout the album but I was drawn to “Stuck In The Mud” the mostly due to the guitar solos in the song. When you play the song live do you lengthen the solo at all or do you keep the song true to the recorded version?
Why thank ya. And yes, we’ve been known to jam on that one and melt some faces.

Where can people find you on the internet? Links? is the main one. Also, I’m a pretty big Instagrammer. My username on that is, surprisingly, JoeMarson.