Artist Spotlight Century Thief

You are set to play a show at the Musiikki Café on February 21st, what should people expect to see and hear during the show?

Omar: Well there are six of us in the band, so you’ll see a lot of people on stage! Because of this we’re able to explore a lot of options with melodies, harmonies, and countermelodies.

Mike: Yeah, we’re a collective with three principal songwriters. We’ll be playing some from the EP and album. We’ve worked in a few new ones too. People can expect a mix of high-energy fun danceable rock songs and moody slow building lyrical songs.

You are out playing shows to promote your upcoming release in the Summer how has the reception been to the songs so far?

Omar: Well, so far we’ve only shown the album to a select number of people as we’re waiting for the finished project before we unveil it. But we’ve spent a very long time on this album and I think it’s something we’re all very proud of.

Mike: The reception live has been good so far. We were playing the songs for a while before we started recording. We basically chose to record the ones that we felt were the strongest and worked together. It was important that the songs flowed well. We make use of a lot of transitions when we play live, and we wanted that to carry over to the album.image1

Do you have a lead off single from the album so far?

Omar: Yes, we do. It’s called ‘Pillar’. We’re starting the process to make a music video for that song and it’ll be released shortly before the album launch.

Mike: We also released a live video for it a little over a year ago, it’s up on our youtube.  It captures the energy of it, but In the studio we got to add little touches, like flute and atmospheric guitar that I think really add to the feel of it.

What is your favourite song off of the album right now?

Omar: For me, it’s probably House on Fire. We all liked the song going in, but it just didn’t translate quite how we wanted it to, especially in the context of the album. So it’s completely different now from where it started out, it became a lot more experimental.

Mike: Pillar is definitely up there for me; it’s got a very slow and ominous build that turned out really well in the studio.  We also got to mess around with this big noise scape in Oh Beautiful Impermanence, the whole song kind of dissolves into chaos, which I’m a fan of.

How many songs are going to appear on the album?
Omar: There are 13. 4 are written by me, 4 by Mike, 4 by Kathryn and an instrumental by our trumpeter Adam Reid, we’ll be playing that one at Musiikki.

You currently have a EP Anthology on sale right now, do some of the songs appear on the upcoming album?

Mike: Yeah, some of them will be on the Album. All of the songs from the Acoustic EP, Plume, are electric on the album, so the energy is drastically different. We wanted to make things simple for the EP, showcase the songwriting but pull back instrumentally. For the album we really got to expand on the songs, our Co-Producer Matthew Drost helped us create some really cool sounds, and we did a lot of experimenting.

Why are you choosing to go with a full length album now and not another Ep?

Omar: We’ve done a few EPs already and with four writers, we have more than enough material to fill an album.

Mike: Yeah, also we are all big fans of the album as a medium, you can do certain things on an album that you can’t really do on an EP. You get to really establish a mood, and take it more places than in the shorter time frame of an EP.

What do you think it is about your sound that has audiences and fans dig and show up to your live shows?

Mike: There is a lot of energy in all the music. There’s an intense quality to a lot of the songs, but you don’t always notice it because it’s often buried under really happy sounding melodies. Adam writes these brass melodies that can make any song sound fun.

Omar: I think people at our shows are really into our instrumentation and arrangements. We’ve got drums, two guitars, keys, flute, clarinet, trumpet, bass and three part harmonies, so there’s a lot to work with!


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