HEK Artist Spotlight 

Interview with HEK
You have just released your third single “Don’t Worry” off your brand new album titled “Please Tease Me” which is going to be released on August 12th. What is behind the idea of releasing a third of the Please Tease Me as singles before the actual album release?
I was guided by some good people who know what they are doing. I am just a singer/songwriter.

Do you feel you may be giving away too much about your album to the listener before the release or are you drumming up just the right amount of excitement for the album’s release?

You can never give too much. I am confident this was the right move.

How did you decide on the three songs to release, where there any other songs that you may have wanted to release instead?

“Tina” is the first song I wrote in English, so I thought it would be a good start. “I´m On My Way” is a favorite with a couple of people, who worked on the album with me, so I thought others might like it as well. “Don´t Worry” is one of my favorites and I want all the worried people in the world to hear it.

Have you gotten any radio play yet from the singles that you have released thus far?

I don´t know. I have been in Iceland, so I can´t hear the US radio.

Did you go through any multiple versions of any of the songs before you decided on the final mix?

We took our time mixing the album, but I had a good idea of what I wanted before we started.

Did any songs not make it the cut to this album yet perhaps may appear on a future album?

I have a lot of songs that have not been recorded yet both in English and Icelandic. I just chose a couple from my book and wrote a couple of new ones.  

Were you able to take any of your previous learning experiences from your previous two releases and use the experience to your benefit withPlease Tease Me?

I always learn something while making records, but I try not to repeat myself.  I have a good idea how I want the next one to sound and that one will be different from Please Tease Me.

Do you have any expectations for the albums success?

I hope it will be a stepping stone to some unforgettable adventures.

You’re about to embark on a new journey to the United States. What brings on this giant leap for yourself?

My adventurous nature.

Did you think about moving to Europe instead of embarking into the United States?

I took three years hitchhiking in Europe, so now it´s time to take a look at the U.S.
Is there a hidden story or meaning behind the lyrics in “Don’t Worry”? For me, the way you contrast your vocals in the title line in the song makes it seem that you are speaking to someone or possibly yourself?

I wrote the song in hope it would sooth a worried soul somewhere, just like so many songs have done for me in the past.

Track Listing

1. Tina

2. Don’t Worry

3. Confusion

4. I’m On My Way

5.Upp, Út, Niðursuður

6. She Killed My Worst Enemy

7. The Mask

8. Wherever We Are Going

9. The Is My Last Song

More About Hek

Icelandic folk-pop-rock singer songwriter Hek announces the release of his third album, Please Tease Me, due out August 12, 2014. Inspired by Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter S. Thompson, this poet-turned-songwriter is making his American debut. Please Tease Me was produced by Björgvin Gíslason, the man responsible for producing 11-year-old Björk’s first album. The album is chock full of musical collaborations with former members of The Sugarcubes. In his latest release, Hek harnesses deep lyrical content contrasted over catchy melodies to create a style unique to his brand of songwriting.Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, Hek began playing music after his friend left an acoustic guitar at his house. The songwriter had always been savvy when it comes to writing short stories and poetry, but it was not until 2007 and the release of his first album, Ogsvo, that Hek seriously considered a career in music. The first songs written by the then 23-year-old musician were melodies fitting to his already penned poetry. Please Tease Me was engineered by Þór Eldon, Björk’s ex-husband and former member of Icelandic sensation, The Sugarcubes. Hek is already getting ready for his next release, so be on the look out for more music which will include stylings of pianist Einar Melax (piano), also a former member of The Sugarcubes.