Linnea Olsson

Photography by Paulina Persson

Photography by Paulina Persson

Nearing the end of last year you released your brand new single “Weekend”, How
excited are you having the single released now?

I´m very excited, I feel like I´ve had a long break from releasing
anything (which isn´t entirely true) but this release feels extra fun
because I´ve had a pretty long down- period regarding my music and now I
feel like it’s starting to be a joyful and bubbly process again.

I really found your vocals contained such a soft yet forceful presence
which really pulls together the full package of sound with the Cello.
You also use Reverb to an extent as well which adds that extra effect to
“Weekend”. How did this vocal presentation come to life? Was there any
other vocal takes that were different from this version?

I wanted the vocals to feel very direct, I think it’s the first take on
the recording and I felt it came out just the way I wanted it when I
listened back. I tried to sing some parts again but I immediately knew
that I wouldn’t go for those takes. I didn’t want it to sound perfect at
all, rather the contrary. The reverb is added in the mix by Povel Olsson,
who has mixed all the songs on my forthcoming EP. I asked for a warm big
sound and he really works with the reverb, adds more on certain words to
accentuate the lyrics. He works a lot around the lyrics when he mixes
which I think is a great way to approach a song.

How difficult was it working in the lyrics with the instrumental aspect
of “Weekend”?

Not difficult at all. I wrote the song within the hour. Harmonies, melody,
lyrics and form came together very quickly. Some songs just kind of
happen, for me that’s the best thing. I feel like someone or something
gave you a present. Almost divine or at least very mysterious.

Was there a certain unexpected or expected event which inspired
Well, I’ve been thinking about why I drink lately, and discovered that
when I drink I mostly drink to escape my own self. Which I find kind of
depressing. So I felt I wanted to change that, and I guess that inspired
the lyrics. There’s also this health thing going on and it’s kind of
trendy to ditch the drinks so I think that also sparked the thought

Are you able to elaborate onto the lyrics in the song whatsoever?
The whole song is about escaping reality and forgetting about your own
boring life and self, the chase for happiness. The “I” in the song also
has a revenge- thing going on, that she wants to impress and that she will
be acknowledged as this amazing person. And all of this is going to happen
during the weekend. I guess the meaning of the song is that you can’t
really escape from yourself no matter how badly you want it, and you just
have to try and like the situation.

Are you happy with the press and fan feedback that you have received
with the single so far?
Yes! I’ve gotten a lot of positive response. People seem to relate to the
escape- theme of the song. I’ve also heard reactions that they enjoy to
hear of someone who “likes herself”- if that’s how the lyrics are
interpreted I’m all for that. That’s a good thing! For Weekend I’ve made
this stop- motion video, I paint and draw and put it all together in
iMovie, a real hobby – art- project. The reactions of the video so far
have been very positive. I’m surprised with how fun I think it’s been.
Maybe this is my new thing. Or, I believe this is my new thing. It’s
extremely time consuming though so it’s taken a big chunk out of my
Netflix- binge- watching- time.

Beyond the SoundCloud link where can people purchase a copy of
It’s out on pretty much any digital platform there is, you can download it
on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, it’s on Tidal, Deezer etc. I have not
made any physical copies. The song will appear in some physical format
later on, but for now I’m going strictly digital.

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