Midnight High Artist Spotlight 

Each track on the album has such a diverse and different sound and style from the next song is this due to you guys still looking for a specific sound or is this the style of album that you were going for?

MH: We were definitely looking for a diverse style. We honed our sound in one of the most diverse places in the world, so it only makes sense. Diversity is the spice of life! Plus, some of our favorite albums were full of different styles! I think it’s ridiculous to limit yourself, especially on your first outing. We all wrote and performed each song as a group, so this album is the perfect snapshot of who we are as a band.

Now with using many different styles did it make the song writing a little more difficult?

MH: The songwriting was pretty easy. A few of the songs were created entirely out of jams in the studio. We then edited the jams down and Kurt and Stefan added some great extra details.

How does the writing process work for each song? Lyrics, drums, guitar?

MH: Kurt will usually bring a song or idea to the table. He’ll either play or we’ll start a jam. We’ll keep working on it until we’ve turned it into a song. Then, Kurt will add lyrics. “This life is Me” is the exception. MC Miladic showed up with the lyrics and we came up with a beat within minutes. Then, Kurt added the hook.

With only six songs making it out of the recording studio, were there any tracks that didn’t make the cut for this release?

MH: We’ve written a lot of songs, but we thought these were the best six to showcase right now. We’ll have another six to showcase soon! We already play different songs during our live sets.

You brought on board MC Miladic to perform on “This Life Is Me,” How did the original idea for the collaboration come about?

MH: We’ve known Milad since our freshman year in college. We were big fans and then friends. We started collaborating with him at almost every show once we moved to Queens. We wrote a few hip-hop rock songs during this time and “This Life is Me” was by far the best one. Milad had the lyrics and Bogger laid down this heavy bass line and then the song basically wrote itself.

Did you have any other collaborations in mind?

MH: We love collaborating. We usually have Ashley Jana join us onstage these days. We’d love to have her involved in some of the new stuff.

Do you guys have a vision for the albums success?

MH: We’d love for the album to take off. I think there is a song for everyone on this thing. We just want people to enjoy it.

Have you received any radio play for any of the tracks off of the album?

MH: So… you got any big time radio friends?

More About Midnight High

Astoria-based rock n’ roll trio Midnight High release their debut self-titled EP, now available for review and feature. Created during the course of the long 2013-14 winter, only the most crowd pleasing, catchy six songs made the recording cut. Drawing inspiration from classic rock n’ roll, reggae and urban hip-hop, the debut EP eloquently represents the cohesive yet diverse sound that is the Midnight High. Vocalist Kurt Borst worked alongside producer Stefan Moessle to create all of the new tracks on the EP. Moessle was the head recording engineer on every track of Midnight High except “My Way,” which was engineered by Luis De La Torre. The Midnight High EP also features collaborations with Borst’s father on saxophone and MC Miladic spits rhymes on “This Life is Me.”

Midnight High was formed on the campus of Stony Brook University in the throes of college night-life. Weekly parties became nightly parties and consisted of improvised jam sessions of rotating musicians. After trial and error throughout the numerous jam sessions, the core of the Midnight High quickly became Ben Daggett (drums), Kurt Borst (vocals/guitar) and Bogger (bass/guitar). After establishing a loyal following from playing around the university campus and other Long Island venues, the band moved themselves to Astoria, Queens in 2009, where they further developed their eclectic sound. During live performances the Midnight High maintains the party-atmosphere vibe reminiscent of their college campus origin. Stay up to date with all things Midnight High by checking out their website and Facebook.