The Pick Brothers


Indie Abstract mixed in with their Folk and Rock Music. Even that quick genre analysis doesn’t quite cut their entire sound, especially now knowing what I know about their newly acquired and filled out sound. Still keeping with this album however there is quite a bit of work done throughout their rock sound as you explore through this six song album.

One of the Blue Ep which stood out for me and I found myself admiring the most is the lead vocals throughout the album. For me they just standout quite substantially compared to any other type of music which I am currently listening to. Although I have heard similar vocals before this sound still sounds out to me. Think Hot Hot Heat as a similar sound but more of a toned down folk approach. I also found that the guitars and the instrumentation of the album fits in with the vocals quite nicely throughout the album.

Throughout the album you will find that you are on tempo roller coaster, attracting this statement from the tempo changes within each song as well as each song as a whole.

The album starts off with the title track Blue. For a single that can sum up a album I’m pretty sure that I would put my money down on this one. The intro into track definitely leads you into knowing that you are listening to something that is not a common sound. I can guarantee that it will be the vocals that make you stay onto the song and album as well. The lead guitar is a mix of 70’s infused rock and current indie sound. There is something about the “plain” sound that stands right out. Then to give the song more of a 70’s vibe there is a sweet sound laying thrown onto the mix later on in the song as well.

If there was a song title to sum up the album I would go with “Island Away”. In a sense the song also sums up the album as well. There is an oasis sounding element to the guitar in the track but I also am finding as I listen to the album more and more that the overall sound of this song also helps sum up their sound also.

You can catch the guys in June throughout Ontario and specifically on June 14th at the Mansion