Van Halst

unnamedI have to say first off that your album is an interesting listen, the way you combine different elements from Goth,Metal and Rock and even an organic feel and move these genres into a different tempos and moods. When it comes to the song writing for each song how does each element come into play with each song? Especially with the vocals?
We just try to write what we like. We don’t like the idea of fitting into a mould. There are so many amazing aspects to different types of music and we really wanted to pull from a variety of influences. In relation to the vocals, we experimented quite abit and wrote multiple versions of some of the songs to sing in different ways. We really just went with what felt right and what Kami wanted to get across through the vocals.

Are there different versions of the songs hidden away in demo tapes
especially songs with the Piano?
There are a few different versions of the songs. All the songs were written
with an acoustic guitar at first then transformed to what they are now. We
did multiple pre-production sessions with these tunes so there are a few
versions on our computers.
Vocally how difficult was it to express your feelings within the lyrics and
express the emotions out in the vocals? Did you have to record a couple of
takes with each song to make sure you get the right sound out in the vocals?
Vocals are very difficult to track in the studio because you can’t see the
singer like in a live performance. There were lots of multiple takes to get
what we wanted. Any little thing throws off a singer in the studio and
there were acouple days that we had to push harder than others. Its similar
to method acting I guess, you have to put yourself in a certain mind set to
get your point across with your voice and that can be very tough.

With the intro on the opening track “The End” was there any thought about
leaving the extended intro off of the track?
No one’s mentioned it actually. We wanted to star off the album with some
cool sounds and that’s what was created. Im (Kami) a fan of album intros.

Is any member of the band a fan of Volbeat by chance?
(Kami) I don’t think anyone is a die hard fan of theirs. Ive heard them on
the radio but can’t say that I’ve purchased os streamed their music, maybe
ill look into it.

How would you guys explain using your influences within the writing process
of the album in general? Do you feel that your influences may have hampered
the writing process in anyway?
I think that you influences influence you for a reason, they’re who you
learn from. They definitely make their way into your own sound because
that’s what you like and what you strive to live up too. The cool thing
with us is that each member has very different influences under the rock
umbrella so there are alot of different elements to our sound. When we’re
writing we try not to listen to too much outside music so it doesn’t
permeate into our sound but I think you’re always going to strive to sound
similar to who you like.

Lyrically speaking how difficult / how long do you spend on each track?
Especially with “Questions”?
It really depends. “Questions” came out pretty quickly actually, I think I
wrote all the lyrics in one afternoon. I was in the zone with that song
where as some of the others took more time to write then re-write ext. “The
End” and “Monster” were re-written twice, so they took more time. “Save Me”
was written in a day as well as several others. It really depends on my
(Kami) mindset and how inspired I am.