5440 with The Glorious Sons

Kingston Grand Presents 5440 with The Glorious Sons

On Friday night Market Square was packed as Kingston Grand
with sponsors FM 96.3 Presented the legendary Canadian band 54 40 with The
Glorious Sons.

This was the local opportunity that The Glorious Sons needed
to cement their names into the minds of Kingstonians. While already winning a couple
Battle of the Bands competitions including Kingston and Niagara Falls the guys
needed the prime opportunity to show what they have to offer live in
Kingston.  It only took The Glorious Sons
to start playing their first song for the crowd in the standing room to start Rockin
out. I am still amazed by the local following that The Glorious Sons have
already, there is no way that people were not impressed when the audience was
almost louder singing the lyrics than Brett was. I am really hoping that the
radio stations in town took notice to the show and start playing The Glorious
Sons on a regular Basis. “Mama” was for me the top song of their set, watching
the crowd react the way they did for this song was simply amazing, even
watching everyone out near and on the bleachers reacting the way they did was a
sight to be seen. Brett really got to show off his vocal skills and harmonica
playing in this song as well. His 70’s rock crafted vocals are a perfect fit
for their songs and the overall image of the band. Their stage show has been an
ever changing rotation of songs and theatrics since I started watching the guys
play. This was the first show in a while that I didn’t see Brett break any
instrument or mic stand from simply giving the audience a show and having so
much energy on stage. The stage coordination between everyone has kicked up a
few notches as well. Even with the tight time restrictions that they were faced
with the guys were still able to pull off the introductions for everyone in the
band and fit in solo’s to go along with it. I got to talk to Andrew for a
couple of minutes after their set and it was easy to tell that they were rocked
by the support and by the amount of people that just took in their set.

Not even the rain could keep people away during 54 40’s set,
and for Kingston that impressed the hell out of me. Starting off their set they
instantly thrilled the entire audience when the bass line for “Nice To Luv You”
and basically that is all it took to lock the Market Square audience in.  Then wasting no time at all they went into “Lies
To Me” which I don’t think there was one person in the first five rows that
were not singing along to every lyric. As I was walking around taking photos
throughout the show everywhere I looked you could always see at least one
person singing the lyrics to every song. The age difference was quite amazing
as well especially when it came down to knowing their songs. The set list
tonight contained songs from their extensive list of hits throughout their career,
we even got to hear a new song that they just finished recording titled “Waiting”.
One of my favourite all time songs and one of my favourite on the night which I
am still surprised that they play the song live was “Radio Luv Song”. Neil
managed to keep his acoustic raised up in air for the entire song and also allowed
me to snap my favourite all time concert photo. This is one song that goes
balls out for the entire duration and is pretty much nothing like their other
songs at all. About halfway through their set is when the rain started to fall
and really only scared off a few people which still surprised me especially
when the rain really started to pick up. Luckily the roof of the stage hung out
enough to stop the rain from hitting their pedal boards but did affect the
vocals later on in the set as the stage box became saturated in water and I mean
saturated at the end of the night water ran out of the box for a solid thirty
seconds.  It was easy to tell that the
band was having fun and enjoying playing in Market Square as you could see the
guys smiling quite a lot during their set especially Brad. They even brought
two members of the audience up on stage and let them dance in front of Matt in
the open section of the stage. To finish off the first set they played a drawn
out version of “Ocean Pearl” The song pretty much kept going on as long as the
audience was joining in with Neil and going along with the sing along. After a
quick break the guys headed back out onto the stage and played “I Go Blind” to
a severely excited audience who sang every lyric and then the final song “Love You All” finished off the night.