92.1 CJAI Island Radio Benefit Concert

92.1 CJAI Island Radio Benefit Concert

On Friday Night The Mansion played host to the 92.1 CJAI Island Radio Benefit Concert.  The entertainment was brought to us tonight by multiple local bands which were, Abby Stewart, Jon McLurg, Rae Corcoran, Bellfonix, Kate Heikkila and Jeff Pearce, Ashley Newall and Goldwing. In fact many of the musicians who played for us tonight have actually graced the air waves at 92.1 CJAI Island Radio before.

I was quite impressed by the turnout tonight as Kingston can be quite the hard sell sometimes. All of the proceeds from the doors go directly into the funding for 92.1 CJAI Island Radio which help pay for the day to day operations cost. There was also a silent auction being held for a package from Purlin’ J’s. Other sources came from the sale of Tshirts and hats from Island Radio, Each band offered up special deals with their Merch to provide extra proceeds for the station as well. There was also a cash donation from Goldwing as well who the headlining act of the night was. The total amount generated for the night was $1,030.

Starting off the night was Abby Stewart it was unfortunate for me that I missed pretty much most of her set, but I did manage to catch the last couple of songs in her set. Right away after walking in through the doors I couldn’t see the stage yet but I would have guessed that there was a 22- 25 year old singing onstage then I couldn’t believe what I saw when I finally saw Abby on stage here is this petit and young artist with a voice that is so strong and defined for her age. If this is how she sounds now at such a young age I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

The acoustic folk side of the night was provided by Kate Heikkila and Jeff Pearce, Jon McLurg and Jack Troughton, Rae Corcoran and Ashley Newall. Jon Mclurg and Jack Troughton started off the folk side of the night played a few personal favourites being comprised of originals and covers. Jon’s soft yet mildly defined vocals have always made him one of my favourite folk singers in Kingston, Jack provided the backing and lead electric guitar work to add that extra kick and electric touch to each song.   Kate Heikkila and Jeff Pearce followed suit with the same outline as Jon had, by playing personal favourites but adding in a couple of rock/pop covers as well. Jeff Pearce played the acoustic guitar throughout their set and added in backing/lead vocals and Kate solely sang vocals. Rae Corcoran delighted the audience with her attractive desirable song writing and vocals, saving her and my favourite song “Get High”. While many of her songs can be quite a downer lyrically speaking her acoustics puts the pleasant spin on the songs. Turning the night completely around Bellfonix took to the stage playing covers from almost every decade ranging from the Temptation, Micheal Jackson, Daft Punk to The Black Keys. I have watched Bellfonix play a few times now and this set was one of their best for me. Their set tonight seemed to be more charismatic, and the addition of “Billie Jean” which blended into “Around The World” was a nice touch to their set as well. To finish off the night Goldwing took to the stage. This was the first time that I have watched Goldwing perform live and their high strung blend of alternative and folk put a great final cap on the night. Having the largest setup of the night Goldwing were playing songs off of their self titled album. After hearing the first couple of songs including “L-L-Love” it is no wonder why they are quickly picking up steam in Kingston and have opened for a couple bigger name acts that have passed through Kingston already.

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