Aidan Knight and The Liptonians live

Aidan Knight and The Liptonians live @ Clark Hall Pub

Aidan Knight opened up the night with a solo acoustic and electric performance. The Clark Hall Pub was still slowly starting to fill up as Aidan took to the stage. Aidan opened up with a surprisingly slow and quiet song. It was a little difficult to hear and listen to the lyrics as the audience was now talking louder and louder. Aidan looked a little distressed by the sound of the audience as he made a few remarks throughout his set. After the opening song Aidan talked about arriving in Kingston and the little bit of knowledge which he knew about the city. There was a mild applause after he spoke about the facts which he knew. The second song which Aidan played he moved onto one of two electric guitars which accompanied him on stage. The song was about the ferry system in Victoria, the song started off as a slow tempo song which did pick up halfway through the song for a verse of power chords which did quiet down the audience but not before he slowed the tempo and the loud chatter continued. I enjoyed his deep vocals in the song, they were nice and deep and mixed with a light touch as well. Throughout his set during the break between songs Aidan was barraged with audience questions and comments which he did answer and engaged into a few small conversations with. Aidan’s third song was about Vancouver and how originally wanted to live there at one point in time of his life. Aidan used the second electric guitar he had on stage which was a Danelectric, it is a mixture of a bass guitar and a electric guitar is gives off a deeper bearing sound. For most of the song Aidan expresses a light soft vocal range but does hit a few higher notes. The vocals went hand and hand with his light guitar strumming pattern. As Aidan was about to start his quietest song he asked the audience to quiet it down a little as it was his quietest song of the night, then everyone did eventually quiet down, as the song progressed a few of the girls in the audience started to take in what Aidan was singing about. As the song finished Aidan received his loudest applause of the night. When Aidan finished his “set” he was getting calls for an encore, which he played two more songs and finished with “Jasper”. “Jasper” was my favourite song of his set. The tempo was set perfectly to end his set with, I had a listen to his recorded version of the song and I found myself enjoying the live solo acoustic version of the song a little more. As the song progressed the audience joined in by clapping in beat and singing the lyrics along with Aidan.

Up next were The Liptonians, early on in the evening I had a chance to interview Matt and Bucky and  learn a little bit about the band, How they got their name was a little interesting.  Their sound can benndecribed In a way of a keyboard driven distorted pop/rock. This was the Liptonians first time playing Kingston. As a five piece bad they were tightly fitted on stage.  They were in town to promote their new album Let’s All March Back Into The Sea. Their first song of the night was “You Know I Did”. The vocals were one of the highlights of the song, they diffidently caught me off guard as to how high  and how much of a pop sound that they were. During the first song the vocals did overpower all the instruments on stage including the drums. “Help is on it’s way” was their second song of their set, throughout the song the Liptonians timing became one of the driving forces of the song and the rest of their set The synchronization between the Keys and Drums were during “Help is on it’s way” was great. Bucky’s vocals also contained more of a rock sound and dropped a lot of the pop sound.  Nearing the end of the song Matt was playing his Keys really hard to the point where he was coming off his seat to play each key. Their third song “Privatest Parts” slowed down the tempo a little bit and Bucky moved onto a acoustic guitar. The vocals were a little stronger in the song it was a nice change from the higher pop vocals. There was also a autoharp present on stage, this is the third time that I have seen a autoharp being used this year already. The autoharp came out as one of the louder instruments during the verses coming from the speakers. The autoharp wasn’t being played all that hard more or less just a up pass with a pick every couple of seconds. They second keyboard added a distorted somewhat of a Blue Rodeo feel to the song. “Lesage”  was a song which Matt wrote about his Quebec made piano and what it might think of him. As the song started Matt was quick in chirping in that he was hitting the wrong keys. During the song it looked as though Matt was putting in a little bit extra into his performance. Bucky Joined in on backing vocals for the song. During the break in the verses the bass guitar came out with a nice groove to go along with the song.  As The Liptonians Progressed onto their last song of the night which was their title track off the album “March Back Into The Sea”. Bucky had moved onto Matt’s Keyboard and organ, and Matt moved onto the other Keyboard. There was a little bit of a applause when the band announced the title of the song. The song had  a slow tempo beginning and was a little quiet except for the distortion which was added. I thought the song should have been played earlier on in the set because of the softness of the track.


Aidan Knight