Airbourne with The Glorious Sons and One Bad Son

Starting off the night was One Bad Son, I was a little pissed at myself for missing their last visit aboard the Island Queen in the summertime. I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I have ever seen a band at the Ale House saying that they are going on even after they were told they were getting pushed back again. After their first song I have no idea how in the hell Shane even had anything left in his vocals, for most singers, I sure as shit that would have been the end of the night song. With the high pitch and the power that he put out it’s no wonder why his face turns red and the veins begin to pop out of his neck. Right from the get go they put on hell of show for us. I don’t think there was really any length of time where everyone wasn’t jumping around the stage. It’s no wonder why they are known for having such a explosive live shows. They made sure that they didn’t kill very much time in between songs as they were still in a crunch for time. Their set consisted a few songs off their brand new album titled Black Buffalo, They gave a special shout out to Krock for playing Satellite Hotel. “It Ain’t Right” was definitely a crowd favourite of their set. They had quite a few people singing along as the song began. They also gave us a couple of songs from their previous self titled album as well. To close out the night they played a definite unexpected cover of The Talking Heads Psycho Killer

I was actually a little surprised that The Glorious Sons played second on the Bill even after talking to Brett during our interview a couple of weeks before the show. Talk about a homecoming show after such a long time away, I don’t think I’m going to get to see them play at the Merchant Tap House again anytime soon. It didn’t take long before the front of the stage began to start compacting, and with people starting to jump around in fact pretty much when they hit the first chord in “Heavy” is all that it took, and even before Brett could get out the first line in the song out. If Gene Simmons ever hears Brett’s rant against him I’m pretty sure he will put his head down in shame for what he said, and we quickly proved by Screaming out “White Noise” that Rock isn’t dead. It was also nice to hear a little bit more history about the band as well as Brett explained before White Noise. I don’t know what it was about this show but for me Jay really put the hammer down throughout their set. The Ale House is pretty much the perfect setting for Chris on Bass as the bass was blasting out and hitting us pretty hard in the front row tonight. About halfway through their set I almost found myself wondering why Jeff even bothered setting up the mics for Adam, there is not a chance that the entire ale house wouldn’t have been able to hear him if the mics were taken away especially with the cymbals. Their setlist was a mix of their debut Ep and debut full length The Union. Talking about their history again we got to hear the story for Ruby. The audience played right into the songs as well, it started out with the sing a long then all of a sudden when the song rips open so did the audience. Now unfortunately for Brett as he was swinging wildly on stage he hit Jays guitar and broke his hand, I mean it swelled right up to almost the size of a cue ball and had a bit of blood coming out of the middle. In the name of rock and Roll Brett sang on and finished off their set with a Amigo with Tony playing the keys and the rest of the band tearing down the stage.

Now Airbourne officially owns the title of the loudest band I have watched In Kingston. This was a night where my earplugs were worth their weight in gold. This was the first time I have ever witnessed six Marshall stacks loaded and “Hearing” them only ten feet away. I know there was vocals throughout the night but where I was standing I heard only a absolute minimum of them throughout the night. There was also quite a bit of Bass that was pumping out off the stage as well. I think Justin had four of the speakers for himself leaving two for Joel on lead guitar. Now I thought the Glorious Sons and One Bad Son was an explosive set, Airbourne pretty much put the energy from both sets together and Doubled it. As they hit the stage running they played right into a wall of light that came bursting from the stage, and opened up their set with “Ready To Rock”. It didn’t take long for the drinks to start flying through the air and eventually landing on Joel a few times to which he just gave the audience a huge smile. He definitely got his revenge on the audience a few times throughout their set by soaking us in beer, and I mean soaked he would grab a can shake the shit out of it and spray as much as the audience as he could. If a band was ever looking up to a band to look, act and sound like then I would say look no further that Airbourne. They have all their songs timed everyone knows their spots on stage and when to hit them. The timing of the headbanging alone was quite the scene to watch all night long, especially when Joel, Justin and David all stood in a line in the middle of the stage.
This was the first time in a really long ass time that I have seen crowd surfing At the Ale House and Airbourne took notice and cheered Kingston on for doing it. Later on Joel managed to get a couple of girls up on shoulders during what I think was “Girls In Black”. Even the stage Couldn’t control Airbourne as Joel left the stage and ran up the top of the balcony somehow through the packed crowd and played in front of the airplane up top. I have heard bands sound similar to AC/DC before never up to this quality before, “Chewin’ The Fat” was the first song that grabbed my attention towards this. The guitars throughout the song just scream AC/DC for me. Then to top it all off they threw in some AC/DC during the medley that they played to finish off the night. “Live It Up” and “Runnin’ Wild” were the songs that I was waiting to hear the most and hey they were played and they saved them for the last couple of songs for the night.