album release party for Modern Superstition with guests Colour Color

YGK Productions presented the album release party for Modern Superstition with guests Colour Color.

Pop/Powerpop and Alternative Rock took over the stage during Thursday night at the Mansion.

The night started off a little later then planned as Colour Color took to the stage around 11 instead of the usual 10 at The Mansion. Being that Colour Color is based out of Newmarket I thought I was going to hear the keyboard/Synth sound which Newmarket is now becoming more and more popular. Colour Color didn’t provide this new type of genre which has been coming out of the city yet their sound ranged more towards and generally covered a sound of Powerpop/Rock and a slight alternative edge. They were rather on the heavier side of Powerpop but it was they sound of their guitars in a couple of the songs which hovered their sound just above the Powerpop and Rock. Colour Color were on stage for about forty minutes which they played us songs of their newly released EP which is self-titled, They also through in  a couple of new songs as well. It took them about two songs to break the ice with the crowd and find their groove on the stage before they really started to move around. Near the end of their set the bassist was covering the entire stage going back and forth between his spot on the right and the raised section of the stage with the drums. Around the middle of their set due to the audience being a little less preserved you could over hear the band talking with each other how much fun the show was becoming for the band, and that is what I like to hear out of a band they are there to have fun and just not another town and there to play a show. What was a little surprising about the their set was the fact that this was their fourth show but you really couldn’t tell because of the tightness of their sound and their timing. The band first started out with just two members and how has recently expanded into a four piece band. You can pick up their album by visiting their color.

Modern Superstition took to the stage with a minimal setup time. I’m not sure if it was the fact that the band went on late or the fact that the audience was a little low due to the rain and on a Thursday night, but they just didn’t look into it whatsoever. I was a little disappointed by their stage presence throughout their set. With the addition of the female lead vocals their sound had a heavy pop upbeat influenced sound. Ever member of Modern Superstition looked as if they had their feet glued to the floor. I find it normal for the bassist to not really move around the stage but for the lead singer and guitarist to stand in one spot all night I was little surprised at this, at most Nyssa mover her shoulders side to side and moved her feet up and down but still managed to stay in the same area of the stage.  I did however manage to focus a little more on their music throughout their set and look beyond. The vocals are the definite highlight of their sound, I wouldn’t put them over the top but they are the definite drive of the band. To keep the beat alive throughout their set the drums were the saviour throughout, the guitars were almost meant as a fill in sound. Now as you listen to their one song called “Visions Of You” you may notice a certain little changed hook from a popular song from a few years ago, and it is probably going to rack your brain as you try to think of the song as it did mine so that is why I’m not going to give the answer.

Colour Color

Modern Superstition