Alice Cooper with Anvil

Staring off the night of Metal Mayhem was Anvil. Quickly after the lights dimmed at the K Rock Centre Anvil Entered the stage, If you ever watched The Story Of Anvil then you had a good idea of the energy and enthusiasm that Anvil has, especially Lips.

Starting the set off Lips put his guitar up to his mouth said his thanks to the audience for coming out of the show, this was the first time that I saw someone speaking into their guitar before. Quickly they started going through their set with little or no breaks in between songs.  Just coming in from playing a show in Finland the night before the guys were still in high spirits throughout their set. They played songs spanning most of their albums and playing a couple extra songs of Juggernaut Of Justice including the title track, “Swing Thing“ and “Fuckin’ Eh”.

Starting off the night they played an instrumental song which I was surprised by it is not too often you hear a band starting off with an instrumental. The song allowed the guys to walk around the stage and get a feel for the audience. I don’t think there was a time that lasted for more than a minute where Lips didn’t have a smile on his face. I was hoping their set lasted longer than it did I’m pretty sure they only had about a 45 minute set, which seemed to fly by after I took my pictures of their set and returned to watch the rest of their set. During “Fuckin’ Eh Lips went into trying to get the crowd alive a little bit more by  trying to get the audience to chant out the title of the song with him but was forced to yell at the audience to see if they are “Fuckin Canadian” then he was able to draw a bit more from the audience.

It seemed it didn’t take long before Lips pulled out one of their staple props in their shows the vibrator during “Mothra”. Watching him play his guitar on Youtube and seeing it for yourself is two completely different things, I sure hope he cleaned it before he decided to rub it all over his face before he started to play with it. When “Swing Thing” came on Lips and Glenn 5 resided to the back of the stage to give Robb Reiner the opportunity to show off a tidbit of his skills during his drum solo. After he finished the solo the audience gave their appreciation for the solo. To finish off their set they played one of my favourite songs “Metal On Metal”. When Anvil finished their set they came to the front of the stage for a bow and received a standing ovation from the entire audience in return.
This was the first time that I have seen Alice Cooper Live and I will never miss one of his shows again. All the rumours and the stories that I have read about his past few tours pretty much came true during his set. To start off the set there was a huge curtain covering the stage with an image of Alice Cooper, all of a sudden a eerie backing track was played over the P.A system and quickly smoke machines filled the arena with fog. All of a sudden the curtain was dropped with the help of a Vincent Price voice over and Alice Cooper appeared high above the audience on a steel staircase wearing his Spider arm jacket to the song  “The Black Widow”. As the song came to a finish Alice Cooper had two small spark controls in his hands. The platform was spun around and revealed a long staircase which he descended to the stage from, wearing mostly all leather with a holster for his microphone on his side.

As the third song approached “I’m Eighteen” he pulled out a crutch his he used to point out to the audience and began to use as an extra prop to get around the stage with. Throughout the night he covered every point of the stage and rarely stayed in one spot for very long.

Orianthi shredded up her guitar like nothing I have seen in awhile, She easily excelled at anything that was thrown her way even taking control of the main riffs and the many leads. She even had her chance in the spotlight showing off the audience during the intro for “Only Women Bleed” with Alice Cooper grabbing a garbage can to sit down on and watch on as she played. During the song a doll appeared which he began to dance around the stage with only to throw the doll around at the end of the song.

Even the drummer got to show off his skills giving Robb Reiner a good run for his money as he got about two minutes to show off what he had as everyone vacated the stage for a wardrobe change.

Throughout the night I lost track on how many different props were used. My favourite had to be during “Feed My Frankenstein”. With the help of a stagehand and the they created the monster using a dummy and with the help of a backing Machine prop the Frankenstein monster appeared out from behind the gallows and began to over take the stage, he must have stood around ten feet tall. The figure sharply resembled that of the Iron Maidens prop with only a few minor different details. As the song progressed he began to walk around the stage and began to stand behind each member of the band as they were playing.

The Guillotine was brought out later on in the set which Alice Cooper himself was the victim after he finished off a “pesky photographer” who appeared a couple of times throughout the night on stage, with a impaling microphone. The scene took a few minutes to complete with the ending coming as the head of Alice Cooper was brought out of the basket and taken around the stage to show off to the audience.

During “School’s Out” large balloons appeared on stage filled with confetti and a sword wielding Cooper popped the balloons spilling out confetti as they bounced back out from the audience and hitting the stage floor. There was a little extra put into this song as a small section of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall Pt2” was thrown in.

To finish off the night the band came back out to play Elected with Alice Cooper waving a Canadian flag and wearing a personal Kingston Frontenacs Jersey.


Alice Cooper