ANVIL Smashes Overtime in Kingston

Fresh off of their 70000 Tons of Metal cruise Anvil came and Smashed Overtime in Kingston Ontario Thursday night.

It was easy to smell that Anvil was in the building tonight, the second you hit the door at Overtime you could smell some of Kingston’s finest being burned in the green room.

In typical Metal fashion the card was stacked with bands as Earthbound, One Day To Live, and Ithron opened up the night. Also in an amazing note the night went off in perfect timing and Anvil even took to the stage about ten to fifteen minutes early.

Every opening band brought along a handful of fans to help show their support. In all honesty every opening band tonight brought a little something different to the stage and every band put on a killer set, it would have been nice to hear a bit more of what they had to offer but the originals and the couple of covers they threw in sounded great. One thing for me that stood out in all the bands were the vocals. I would have to say that Ithron’s vocalist had probably the hardest hitting vocals throughout their set, his shrieking style was quite impressive and the fact that he could still talk at the end of the set. One Day To Lives vocals were the heaviest of the bands his vocals sounded great when they played a cover of Drowning Pools “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”. I also can’t forget to mention how Bass driven One Day To Live’s sound his, their bass player is definitely the main driving force in their sound. Earthbound and One Day To Live proved that the stage wasn’t big enough for them as both vocalists left the stage and walked around the crowd and even to the back of Overtime during their set. It was funny when ODTL’s vocalist got caught up in the crowd and stuck beside the bar before someone cleared a bit of a path for him so he could return to the stage.

Tonight marked my third Anvil Show and I can’t wait to see them again. This also marked the third Bassist I have seen with the band as well, which was actually brought up by Lips later on in their set. If you are a Metal or Rock fan you have to get out to see these guys play. With over thirty years of playing together Anvil showed no signs of slowing down tonight. Armed with a new album Hope In Hell they played us a small taste of the album. “ Badass Rock N Roll” was my favourite song from their new album. Now surprisingly to me to start their set off tonight Lips started off by standing right behind me and I mean shoulder to shoulder behind me on the floor and quickly he grew a tight circle around him as he played the opening riff to “March Of The Crabs”, then in typical Lips Fashion he began to yell into his guitar before continuing to play the instrumental number. Throughout the night we got to hear pretty much all of the classic standout Anvil Songs. The mix of songs wasn’t in order per say the songs were spread out from their discography but not in any particular order. About halfway through their set they played “Thumb Hang” which is one of the first couple of songs that they had ever written together, and the look on Steve’s face when a 19-20 year old guessed it right away was pretty priceless. By now they have a pretty solid set laid out for this tour which have elements from the previous two times that I have seen them live. For people who were yelling out for a Drum Solo got their fill as they went into “Swing Thing” as Robb Reiner smashed out one hell of a drum solo. Now what kind of guitar solo would be without the sound of a Vibrator added to it. The vibrator in Lips back pocket has to be setting some kind of world record by now for having the most road kilometres and hardest used in the business. Throughout the set it became the norm for the audience to break out in a chant of Anvil which actually threw Lips off at the beginning of the set when we first began to chant “Anvil”. “Metal On Metal” is still my favourite song from Anvil and hearing it live once again only solidifies my thoughts on the song. It also seemed to be one of the audience favourites as well as everyone around me was singing along with Lips throughout the song. At the end of Metal On Metal” marked the end of the first set and we were lucky enough to get to hear two more songs as an encore, “Forged In Fire” and The Classic Finisher “Running”.






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