Anvil with Caym, Fugitive Underground and Nonexistent

Anvil with Caym, Fugitive Underground and Nonexistent

On Saturday night Anvil made their return to Kingston playing to a Sold Out Show at The Mansion.

The night was jammed full of Metal and Rock tonight as four bands found their way onto the lineup with local band Nonexistent, F.U and touring support band of Anvil Caym.

Starting off the night was Nonexistent, this was the first time that I have caught these guys live before and I diffidently will be checking out these guys once again. For a opening band they tore up the stage for most of their set. I was really surprised by how tight these guys were throughout their set, especially having the opening slot of the show. The Mansion was already pretty full but it was easy to tell that they brought a fair amount of people out with them because after their set the place emptied out a little for F.U. One of the biggest kicks I got out of the band was the band Dad that they had in their lineup, he showed quite a few of the same stage characteristics that Lips does on stage. The lead singer Dan used was the biggest driving force of their set, leaving the front of the stage quite often to mosh with the front row or to quickly run around the Mansion during a couple of songs. He easily controlled the front few rows during the set, although a couple of times his chant and banters didn’t go off as planned but again for a opening band they still had a great deal of followers and new fans during their set. My favourite song of their set was “We Are Royalty”.

Up next was Fugitive Underground, after fighting off probably every rock and Metal bands in Kingston to claim this opening spot. Now expanding from a three piece band into a four piece band the guys played songs from their newly released album titled True Sprits Fire, although if you ever saw F.U in the past most of the songs would be recognizable to you.  Dressed in all black F.U quickly went through their set of songs without too much of a break in between songs. The biggest stride that I have seen with the band is their timing it also seems to be that one big topic which Ryan is tough on as well. Considering this is only the first couple of shows with their new drummer he surprised the hell out of me with the show that he put on, he was able to hit all of the quick signals which Ryan was giving him. Fugitive Underground has also added a second guitarist in the lineup as Bill moved from the Drums onto Guitar. Adding the second guitarist has really filled in their sound a lot now, there are quite a few voids in the songs which have been filled. These guys are also a band where it is hard to compare their live sound with the recorded sound; their live sound is the way to go as their songs seem to be more in your face. Nearing the end of their set they were able to get a few people starting chanting their name out, as it seemed to be a fight for the guys to bring people from the back of the Mansion closer to the front of the stage. There were a couple of songs that I was hoping to get to hear which were “Johnny Had a Gun” because of the guitar solos in the song and their usual last song in their set “Who Wants To Die Sober”.

Taking to the stage next was Caym, for people who don’t already know the drummer for Caym also happens to be Robb Reiner’s son Tyler. By the setup on stage it wasn’t hard to tell who the leader of the band was as Tyler was the only one who was setup on the stage. Although his drum setup isn’t as large as Robb’s Tyler was still setup in the middle of the stage and even added a small spotlight to the right side of him pointed up from the floor. The rest of the band was spread out across the front of the stage in the first couple of standing rows.  It didn’t take the guys very long to attract the attention of the audience especially when the decibel level was turned up quite a bit during their set. The only drawback of having the guys play on the floor is it made it really difficult to get decent photos of the guys if any at all as they were standing past the stage lighting. A few times during their set the lead vocalist “Beard” thanked the audience for coming out. Playing songs off their self titled album it seemed they quickly shredded through their songs. For who they have in the band I was blown away by how the guys all instrumentally shared their set, I originally thought that they stage show may have been one sided but that wasn’t the case at all. There were still a few drum solos but they were equally shared with the shredding sound of guitars. If their instrumental side of their set went a bit longer I wouldn’t have mind watching that at all, watching the guys shred would have been well worth it. The vocal aspect of their set for being metal sounded great as well, for the most part even during a few of the screamo parts of the songs you could still make out what Beard was yelling. For me their standout song of the night was “What It’s Worth”.

Now finally onto Anvil there is something about the Mansion stage that makes every show seem as a intimate show. As they made their way through the thickness of the crowd Lips and Reiner chants could be heard, it took them a bit of time to reach the stage as Tyler had to clear a path for Anvil. By the time Anvil started to play the front ten Rows were jam packed full of people, and the guys from Caym were now on stage duty trying to keep people off the stage, even Marc Garniss had to step in a few times to keep people off the stage and keeping beers from falling onto people heads. Never disappointing Anvil keep to their roots and played songs from their extensive catalogue, keeping the set close to that of what they played when they opened for Alice Cooper not too long ago. Starting off the night Lips opened up the set by his trademark of greeting the audience of talking into the body of his guitar. I was surprised by the lack of songs which were being called out usually I find in Kingston it seems to be the norm that people scream out every song that they know but tonight this wasn’t the case. “Sweet Thing” was one of the main songs which were being called during the set probably due to the fact that everybody knows that a Robb Reiner drum solo goes along with the song; the song eventually got played but further down the set list.

Anvil didn’t take too many breaks during the set only for a couple linear notes during a couple of songs, but Lips did take a moment to answer a audience question of how long has the band been together, where Lips answered the question without hesitation and with a roar from the audience when he answered he has been playing with Robb since 1973. Now what would a Anvil concert be without a Vibrator solo, as “Mothra” began to play you could see people getting ready for the infamous Lips vibrator solo. Lips paced the stage back and forth playing with the crowd and even getting them into a “Lips” chant during the solo. During the intro to “Fuken Eh!” Lips told the crowd of a story that involved Steve-O while playing down in L.A, as Steve-O asked Lips how to spell Canada Lips said it goes like this C-A-N-A-D Fuken Eh. During the song marked another small yet loud Lips chant which was followed with Lips having the audience chant Hey, Hey!.

A couple of times Lips made the crowd acknowledge their new bassist Sal and even letting the crowd know that he his hair is still original. To finish off the set they left the stage after playing “Metal On Metal” which was probably the only song where most of the audience knew and sang every word along with Lips. At the end of the night the Mansion was a Metal Fulfilled sweaty mess, there was only a handful of people who stuck around the get things signed and I walked out with my Anvil Pounders card signed and my first ever vinyl signed “Hard “N’ Heavy.


Fugitive Underground