Basalisk with Greg Shier and Sex Ray Vision

Long Hair, Head Banging and Metal is what you were going to see if you were at the Mansion on Friday night. Basalisk hosted one hell of a night of Metal and Rock with Sex Ray Vision, Greg Shier, Basalisk and Ponderous Chain.

At the start of the night the size of the crowd was not looking so good and even holding off the first band until ten still didn’t have too much of an effect, but luckily for the bands this changed halfway through Basalisk’s set. By the time they finished they had a quite a few people inside. I’m pretty sure it a bit of it had to do with the fact that the patio tonight could easily hear the bands playing from upstairs.

Starting off the night was Sex Ray Vision, playing songs of their own and also a few covers thrown in including one from Queens Of The Stoneage and a pair from Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan). Tonight proved that there are more musicians in Kingston than I originally thought I have seen the Bassist at different shows around Kingston before but never watched him play until tonight. One of the best attributes that he added to their set tonight was his vocals, if you want to hear Rock vocals then come and watch Sex Ray Vision play, there were a few times in their set when you just had to say wow when it came to the vocals. For an opening band they had it a little rough at the start of their set with a lack of an audience but as people were coming up stairs they were saying that they could hear what was going on from outside and they had to come check it out. It didn’t take too long for them to get into a Cover song with Queens of the Stoneage, at the end of the song they called it one of their own and it actually fooled a couple of people in the audience and they had to get into a conversation with the band about it. Their next two songs were pretty entertaining lyrically speaking especially when the titles of the songs are “Cum On” and “Let’s Fuck”. They didn’t stick to their original instruments that they started off with as the drummer came up and played Guitar and took on lead vocals and the guitarist took his place, Then later on in the set The Bassist and Guitarist switched instruments as well. Their cover versions of Jimi Hendrix songs were a definite crowd pleaser as they played “Foxy Lady” followed with “All Along the Watch Tower”. The covers were a little on the loose end but the audience ate it up so that is all that really counts at the end of the day. Following the Sex Ray Vision was Greg Shier this was not going to be the only time he was to take to the stage tonight as he plays Bass guitar in Basalisk. His solo set tonight was a miss for me, I was a little surprised by it actually. His set up was pretty simple he had his guitar a mic and a band in the box. For his set which was about a forty five was basically him blaring lead guitar louder than the backing tracks, he added a little bit of vocals but it wasn’t anything that deep. It didn’t look as if I was the only one alone on this one as people came in and out throughout his set. I’m pretty sure he only played about four or five songs throughout his set. One plus side to his set was the fact that he did have a few catchy riffs that were hidden throughout his set, and it looked as if the audience was getting into his songs as his set came to a close

Up next was Basalisk, after watching this set tonight I know that I will try my best to catch their next show for sure. I am still surprised that I haven’t seen them perform before. They played songs from their early set of songs and also current songs that they have recently completed. Their sound was a definite mix of a few genres and could easily be picked out throughout their set. The Keyboards played by Matt really stood out a few times in their set and added to a different sounding set. By the way they were playing throughout their set it looked as if there is no front man for the band yet the duty of front man is shared throughout the entire band. Yes, they do have a lead guitarist and singer, but the way he shared the stage with everyone really stood out to me. Throughout the set everyone got their own solo and was pointed out by the rest of the band as well. Greg wasn’t shy at all while on stage as he commanded his side of the stage with the audience even pointing out the females in the front row. He left the stage a couple of times as well and walked a few feet out into the audience. There were a couple of spots in a song or two where they still need to work on but it could have been the fact that they were playing the songs live and to a room full of people while trying to put on a show. One song in particular however I would think that they might work on an awful lot or leave out of their set and that would be their cover of “Paranoid”. “Paranoid” can be a tricky song to play but it seemed that they lost their spot and timing in the song a couple of times. By about the fourth song in their set they broke the ice with themselves and the audience and they got right into it. Everyone in the band even took notice of this as well and announced it before a song that they are finished warming up and they are going to go strong until the end. One song in particular that I liked the most was their song that they announced as a song that goes over great with the bikers. There was not a thing in the song that I would change or could say that I didn’t like, for a stand out single for the band this would be the song. By the time Basalisk finished their set the Mansion was probably about halfway full and they had the entire audience cheering and yelling for more.

Now if i wasn’t running on two hours sleep from going to the Toucan the night before I would have stayed for Ponderous Chain which was a bit of a shame because I haven’t watched Ponderous Chain play in a long ass time and I really wanted to stay and watch them.