Beginners Guide To Endings Cd Release Show

Beginners Guide To Endings Cd Release Show

On Friday night the long awaited album release party for Beginners Guide To Endings – Meaningful took place at the Mansion.

This album was a long time in the making for me ever since I saw my first show by Beginners Guide To Endings. The album was actually available a couple of weeks ago online and in a couple of outlets here in town, but I chose to wait for the cd release party to get my copy.

It would have been great to see a sellout crowd at the Mansion especially due to the extensive promo which Chris did leading up to the show, but when you put both the early and later shows together the attendance was really good. By nights end which was after last call the Mansion was pretty packed.

I only got to see two songs during the early set before Chris left the stage and prepared for the late set of the night, but I did get to hear two different versions of “Personal Jesus” which has now become a staple cover in his set.

Beginners Guide To Endings played the entire Meaningful album tonight which was spread out throughout a unreleased track and a couple of covers. They had special guests tonight join them on stage including their producer Gord Sinclair, Emily Fennel and Joe Carscallen.

I have watched Beginners Guide To Endings play at least four times now and this had to be the most energetic show I have seen them put on so far. There was so sign of people acting like oil paintings tonight.

The covers tonight were excellent especially two renditions of “Personal Jesus” that I got to hear. “About A Girl” quickly took over the audience as they began to play the song even bringing a few more people to the front of the stage. The cover which stood above the rest was when they played “Misty Mountain Hop” Chris’s vocals just nailed this song and put it over the top. Even a hint of Micheal Jackson made its way into the set. One song that I really want to learn more about is what I think is called “She Gets High” I have heard this song being played before but there was something about tonight’s performance that really made the song stand out. Nearing the end of the set they played a song which Chris wrote after the album was completed and still doesn’t have a title for it, and it quickly perked up some ears as you could see people recognizing the riff but couldn’t pull it together until Chris moved over to the keys and added a few lyrics from “California Love”, but with “California” being switched with “Kingston” the song ended up being about eight minutes long with all the great sounding and visual effects thrown into the song.

There were a couple of songs which I was really hoping to hear and being that the entire album got played that interior request of mine was met. My favourite songs that he played tonight were “Meaningful”, “Living in Private”, “Enemies”, and “The Other Kids”. Emily Fennel joined the guys to on stage to provide backing vocals in “I Found Out”, she returned to the stage later on in the set to join Joe and Gord also the pants she was wearing wasn’t hard on the eyes either. One thing is for sure every time to see Beginners Guide To Endings play live you are pretty much guaranteed to hear the songs being played a little differently each time. It is quite amusing watching Ketih and Curtis trying to stay with Chris as he goes into a lengthy solo or decided to change up the song a little bit, he even caught Gord by surprise a couple of times.

The night came to a close with the now standard Beginners Guide To Endings finisher “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide”, with Chris, Curtis and Keith taking a stand in the center of the stage sharing one microphone stand.