Ben Caplan, Jp Hoe, Runaway Dish and Patrick Kirkby

On Tuesday Night KPP presented Ben Caplan, Jp Hoe, Runaway Dish and Patrick Kirkby

Tuesday marked the first time that I have been to the mansion for a concert and every act was basically a solo acoustic a time. I missed out on the first performance as I arrived just in time for Tricia to start her set. This is the second time now that I have watched Tricia play live. Her act name is Runaway Dish which is made up of Tricia on lead vocals and acoustic guitar and then was joined on stage by her friend playing the mandolin. Tricia started her set off with a cover song Crazy by Patsy Cline I’m pretty sure the nerves may have gotten the better of Tricia during this song but she settled down when she went into her own personal songs. It is almost weird to say but the mandolin was the perfect fit into her sound. I was taken by surprised quite bit by how well the mandolin sounded and fit into her songs. By the time they went into their fourth song of their set they managed to bring people closer to the stage. It was great to see the local music community show up in support of Tricia during her set. Tricia’s sentence “Ah thanks you guys” became quite popular throughout her set at the end of each song.

Up next was Jp Hoe coming all the way from Winnipeg. He is currently on tour with Ben Caplan. His set consisted with a mixture of instruments which includes an acoustic guitar, a ukulele and an electric guitar. Jp started his set off by dedicating the good acoustic vibes to his team the Winnipeg Jets. One benefits of listening go an acoustic act in an intimate type of setting such as the mansion is the fact that the artists will explain the meaning the first the songs, and in detail a little bit more than they normally would. And excellent case of this came just before his second song as Jp described the song being about his uncle joining a full on cult before Jp was born. Throughout his set you could see and hear the professionalism and experience in his vocals performances as he knew exactly how to work the microphone to create a excellent vocal performance. Leading into his song which he wrote about Mrs.Clause he explained a little bit about the holiday special that he puts on every year. The song slowed down his set quite a bit as the song was a slow tempo string picking song. Jp asked the audience if we wanted to hear a 90’s Hip or Beck song and quickly Beck was called out so Jp played “Nobody’s fault but mine”. Jp followed up the cover with him picking up the ukulele. To finish off his set he had to play “Nothing’s gonna harm you” truly unplugged as he had problems with his acoustic guitar.

How Ben Caplan is able to sing the way he does and still have a voice at the end of the day is beyond me. He probably could have done without a microphones entire set except when he sat down behind his keyboard to play a few songs. Ben came out onto the stage ready to go stomping his feet and quickly had the entire audience clapping their hands. The second song in his set “Southbound” followed by one of the most entertaining songs of the night “I got me a woman”. The buildup and the breakdown on what the audience had to sing were hilarious. Throughout the song Ben was cracking jokes and the audience loved every second of it. A couple of songs later Ben treated us to a new song that is going to be on his upcoming album. Before he started the song he had to explain the fact that he didn’t want the song recorded in any way shape or form and for the song not to appear on youtube. This song was my favourite when it came to all the songs he played on the keys. The song was upbeat and the keys had a great flowing sound which really fit into his deep raspy vocals. “Got to find my way home” easily became a fan favourite as the audience helped Ben out with a few lyrics in the song. The power of the song was easily brought on by Ben’s powerful vocals. “Stranger” was one of the deepest sounding piano songs that benefit played, the sounds of the sound guy playing the tambourine could be heard coming from the back of the room. There was quite a bit of extra effort that Ben put into the chorus of the song, then to top it all off he finished out the song using his feet on his keys. To finish out his set Ben invited his girlfriend to play a duet with him on the keys. She added eerie sounding vocals to the song and helped play the right hand side of the keys. The riff and the lyrics were something to hear, they were quite dark and that is almost putting it to lightly.

Now the audience was not going to let Ben get away without playing an encore song which almost seemed to take him by surprise at first. He quickly came back out onto the stage and thanked the audience for being such a tentative crowd and began to finish off his set with “40 days,48 nights”