Blackie and The Rodeo Kings live in Picton

On Sunday Night at the Regent Theatre in Picton The Acoustic Grill Presented Blackie and The Rodeo Kings with openers Harlan Pepper.

Harlan Pepper started the night off playing their brand new songs which they have just finished up and also older songs which appear on their debut album. I really enjoyed their set especially I was diggin’ couple of their brand new songs. Harlan Pepper came out to the stage after a quick introduction from the producer of their album Colin linden. Their set started off on a bit of a rocky as their lead singer Dan Edmonds guitar amp was unable to turn on, as Colin and Stephen fearing worked on the amp problems they started their set as Dan simply played his guitar as if it was working and began to sing lead vocals.  They switched up vocals throughout their set between the Dan, Bassist(Thompson Wilson) and Drummer (Marlon). Their guitar work especially the finger picking during their set was fantastic, also for being such a young band. For being a folk/ rock band they had a few catchy riffs imbedded in a few of their songs. Lyrically there was a couple of songs were quite amusing and easy to follow along with. Early on in their set they invited the audience to join in and finish off one of their songs with them which the audience actually did. They finished off their set in a grand style as the guitarists stole a Page from The Sadies and grabbed a hold of each other’s fret board and jumped off the front of the main stage and walked across the lower front stage.

It’s one thing to watch the youtube videos and listen to Blackie and The Rodeo Kings on CBC I can tell you right now it is a whole different experience finally seeing them play live . I was truly amazed by the show that they put on tonight. I have watched Tom Wilson play three or four times now and tonight was easily the best show I have seen him play before. By himself I think Colin Linden came in and stole the show, watching and listening to him play slide guitar tonight will be something that I will never forget. There really wasn’t a time when he stopped jumping around the stage playing. Stephen Fearing vocals sounded excellent throughout the set especially during “Black Sheep”. The Queens for tonight were Amy Helm and Kendel Carson. Kendel was the first to make an appearance providing backing vocals and playing her Fiddle. Amy’s vocals really shook the room when she sang and quickly brought the attention from the Regent Theatre upon herself. Blackie and Rodeo Kings started off their set with “Water or Gasoline” around halfway through their set is when they played “Black Sheep” which was one of the songs which I was really looking forward in hearing. Throughout their set Tom’s vocals really brought out the baritone sound in the band especially adding to the backing vocals in “Stoned”. One of my favourite songs on the night came when they played a cover of “49 Tons”. It took a little bit of coaxing from Tom to get people to the front of the stage dancing and staying out of the corner where there was a handful of people dancing, Sitting front row the people pretty much took the view right out of the stage for me. For their last two songs they encouraged the entire audience into standing which to my surprise everybody actually did. To finish off the night they played “Wide River” and “Price Of Love”.


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