Blaze Bailey with Rusted and Rise Of Dissension

On Tuesday night Blaze Bayley former Lead Singer Of Iron Maiden Rocked the shit out of The Mansion with supporting bands Rusted and Rise Of Dissension.

It was a little shitty on how the doors turned out to be but that didn’t seem to matter to any of the bands as they played as if they were playing to a sold out show. Blaze even made light of the situation early on in his set and said that we are now the “Elite Headbanging Mother Fuckers of Kingston” for showing up to this show.

Starting off the night,and playing their first live show together as a band was Rise Of Dissension. Talk about one hell of a way to start as a new band opening for a former lead singer of Iron Maiden. The band is comprised of Doug Smith on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Landon Chatteron on Drums, Andrew Simmons on guitar and standing in on this one show on Bass was Ryan Pugh. Right Away Rise Of Dissension proved that Metal can still bang heads and have Rhythm. With their songs having a rhythm as well as the ferocit I instantly was hooked into their sound. Now having two guitarists really let their songs ring out and created a full on assault, even as they switched into a thrash style come their third song it didn’t seem to have an effect on their overall sound for me. With on lead guitar he ripped out a few wicked solos throughout their set and nailed their one cover song of the night “War Machine”. At one point in their set they announced that they have already received the master copy for their debut album so probably the next time that Kingston sees Rise Of Dissension play live they will have their album in hand.

If you ever wanted to see a updated 80’s rock band live before then you will definitely want to check out Rusted. They were entertaining as hell I have to say. There is a bit of cheese involved in their set but I’m taking that from the fact I had no idea what I was about to see and hear from Rusted. For me it all started off at the start of their set as they had “The Final Countdown” play before they hit the front of the stage, yes they basically set up off the stage with just the drummer on stage but this all played out to their advantage as they were constantly running around on the stage and it gave them enough room to move from side to side. The lead singer of Rusted was definitely the guy to watch all set long. The giant skull with the lights for eye balls was a pretty funny prop to see him sing and play around with later on in the set. Now I’m not saying that the guitarists and bassist didn’t put on one hell of a show either, they were never in the same spot for any length of time and they were playing as if the place was completely sold out. Considering that they are from Montreal you probably would have never guessed that they were if they didn’t talk and try to rev up the audience in between songs. M favourite song of their set was “Earthquake”

Finally it was time to see the Legendary Blaze Bayley take to the stage. Talk about an Fucking entertaining Lead Singer it’s no wonder why he has had such an incredible career. I don’t think I could ever say “Entertaining As Fuck” enough from the set that he displayed tonight. It didn’t matter about the amount of people in attendance he still put on a show as if the place was packed. I don’t think I have ever yelled “Yeah” as much as I did tonight, From the moment he took to the stage Blaze quickly had people screaming and yelling “Yeah” throughout his set, and I mean a shit load of times he would pull his fist back and pump it into the air with the audience screaming along with him every time. Or even letting us join him on screaming out the vocals throughout various songs during the set. “Running Free” is one of the songs that still sticks out in my mind with Blaze giving us the chance to join him. With his backing band Maiden Quebec they played for about 90 minutes with songs from all across his career even digging into older Iron Maiden songs as well. Blaze started off his set with a pair of songs from his latest album “Soundtracks Of My Life” which he is in tour in support of as well as his DVD that goes along with the cd. We got to hear a great amount of the album. A couple of notable tracks that he sang us was obviously the title track, “Clansman”, “10 Seconds”, “Silicon Messiah”. At the end of the night I can guarantee that not one person left this show without losing a bit of their hearing and knowing that they have just witnessed one fuck of a show tonight.