Blue Rodeo live @ The KRC

On Saturday night I got to witness my favourite Canadian
Song writer as Blue Rodeo played a fantastic set at the KRC.

I am still in awe writing this review after this show. They
played basically a three hour set with songs from their very first album all
the way up to new music that they are currently recording.

 The Audience tonight also overwhelmed me a little, normal the
KRC audience can be heard throughout every concert yelling out songs titles,
and tonight I don’t think I heard someone yell out a song once. Also how
captive they were tonight there were a few loud gestures during a few key marks
in a couple of songs especially in their final song of the night “Is It You”. 

 The Sing Alongs
tonight were nothing but remarkable in my mind, at times it looked as if Blue
Rodeo seemed impressed. My favourite moment and key to the entire evening was
when they let the audience take over the song “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”. With Greg
Keelor taking to the front of the stage lip synching the words Blue Rodeo let
the audience sing the first couple of verses and then with Greg giving a thumb
up and a huge audience applause they guys took over the song. 

The way they split up the evening was a real enjoyment,
playing in two sets with a fifteen minute break just around nine and they
continued to play until time limit of eleven o’clock. As they began their
second set stools were brought out to the front of the stage and we were
suddenly induced in an intimate acoustic setting. Glen was now situated with a
snare top and steel brushes and a Cajon drum. During this intimate portion of
the night we got to hear a couple of new songs, “Tell Me Again” was the first
new song which they played for us tonight. Jim Cuddy took on the lead vocals
for this song and we were shown a highly detailed country song, which had an
extra bit of punch coming from the accordion which was being played in the
background of the stage. The new songs still contain the classic Blue Rodeo
sound which we all love, even going back a little to the sounds of Casino. 

The addition of Colin Cripps on this tour and show almost
showed a passing of the torch in a sense. I have always looked forward in witnessing
the many different guitar solos which appear graciously throughout each
performance but the solo in “5 Days in May” has always been my personal
favourite which Greg has never disappointed in but tonight it was Colin who got
to play the solo. Also throughout the entire night when it came to an electric
guitar solo Colin was the man behind the solos. I even caught a glimmer of Greg
nodding in approval a couple of times as well when the solos were finished. 

I basically got to hear all of my favourite songs tonight
but it came close when I thought “Try” was going to be left off of the setlist
but thankfully Blue Rodeo played the songs nearing the end of the night. 

 Once again tonight will forever be a memory of a fantastic
and loveable concert experience.