Born Ruffians And Young Rival

Born Ruffians And Young Rival

Flying V Productions put on a show last night that had the Grad Club packed and was probably one of the most energetic shows that I have been to at the Grad Club Before.

When I first got to the Grad Club last night there was a sign at the front door saying that all the tickets were sold out and only Ticket holders were going to be getting in. but I was surprised to see that there wasn’t all that many people at the Grad Club when I got there and I thought I was getting there a little late last night. But all a sudden the crowd started to filter in and in about thirty minutes that place was packed.

I had high expectations leading into watching Young Rival because they had to hold up to the show that they put on at the Ale House a couple of months back. Needless to say they blew past my expectations that I had for Young Rival. At the end of their set this was the first time that I ever heard people wanting more from the opening band. It just wasn’t one or two people yelling out encore it was pretty much the entire Grad Club wanting more. The guys set the crowd up perfectly as a opener band should, I don’t think I saw anybody not moving anytime during Young Rivals set. There were a couple of songs that I had to hear during their set and they didn’t let me down. The songs that I wanted to hear were songs off of their album when they were called “The Ride Theory”. “Dead Radio,Love” was my utmost favourite. Followed by “I’m On Board”, “Hey Sugar” were just a couple of my favourite. The member of Young Rival are Aron D’Alesio on lead guitar and vocals, Noah Fralick on Drums, Kyle Kuchmey on Rhythm guitar, and John Smith on Bass, all the members share back up vocals.

Their sound can be described as Rock with a couple of tracks resembling a new surfer guitar sound. But their main catch as a band is their highly likable guitar riff and licks. They sound great on a album but just fantastic when you see and hear it live. They diffidently needed a bigger stage and you could tell that they wanted to move off of the stage into the crowd to play. The lead singer Aron played a great little riff on his knees in front of his amp which got a surprising large pop out of the crowd. What I think people noticed the most may have been the catchy drum beats. It is hard to imagine without seeing it how the drummer was able to play his drums like he was when he was cramped up into the corner of the stage. I was hoping to hear a couple more of their songs with the Harmonica but just hearing the one song ”I‘m On Board” I was satisfied with that. As I said earlier at the end of their set this was the first time I ever heard the crowd yell for more and they deserved all the applause that they received.

The Born Ruffians were at the Grad Club to support their new album called “Red,Yellow & Blue”. I first saw Born Ruffians a year or two ago and they were just starting to get a small fan base then and then when I saw them tonight I realized that this is a band that is picking up steam quite quickly. I thought Young Rival put on a energetic show but Born Ruffians were somehow able to top them by a little bit. The band got their biggest pops from the crowd when they chanting their almost trademark yells into the mic. As Young Rival they also have very catchy Guitar Riffs and Drum beats. What makes Born Ruffians stand out to me is the all round vocals.

Be it the yelling or just the flat out vocals from the lead guitarist Luke Lalonde. I would put my money on the drummer who put out the most energy during their set. The bassist Mitch DeRosier diffidently came into a close second place with the drummer Steve Hamelin, but during a few of their songs when he had his drum solos he took the show to a new level.

Looking around at the audience you could see the look on peoples faces that they were impressed. I was also a little shocked to see that the crowd new most of their new songs already and were singing along to the band but I don’t think anyone else could match the vocals in any way. Every show isn’t really complete without a little malfunction in some shape or form, the Guitar strings broke a couple of times on Luke and he sent the guitar off the stage and some one restrung the Guitar for him. It was a minor inconvenience but it didn’t slow down the band at all. Their set was an all around crowd pleaser, they involved the crowd into their “TradeMark” vocals and had them fast clapping the beat of the song. A couple of time all it took was the Mitch to put his bass up into the air and hit the beat on the strings before the crowd took it among them selves to imitate the same beat with their hands. The front of the stage turned into free for all as bodies and limbs were just flying everywhere but nobody seemed to care who they were hitting or when they were getting hit, which makes for a pretty good concert experience. When the Born Ruffians finished their set they were overwhelmed with the sound of people yelling for more and they delivered with two more songs to finish off the night.