Brad Sucks with Dave Norris and Local Ivan

On Saturday night Brad Sucks returned to Kingston with supporting acts Dave Norris and Local Ivan.

The night started a little later around ten thirty being that there was only going to be two bands playing. Dave Norris and Local Ivan started off the night with Dave Norris on lead vocals and lead acoustic guitar. Their songs are mostly a pop/rock sound with the main benefit coming from Dave’s acoustic guitar, which does tone their songs down a little bit.

For their first song the vocals sounded a little to high for me and a little wiry from what was about to come. The acoustic guitar was really blended well into the song. The song sounded a little bit better when I listened to it from farther away from the stage as possible, this way I was able take in all of the instruments instead of just the electric guitars coming from the left side of the stage.  Their second song called “Carrie Carrie” changed their sound a little bit from their first song being that it had a large hint of 70’s/60’s pop sound. Near the end of the song came my favourite part with the nicely toned in guitar riff. Their third song was called “Goodbye Michelle” this song had some of the more stronger backing guitars which seemed to have knocked out the acoustic guitar during the heavier parts of the song. During the break between a couple of the verses the Dave managed to bring back his acoustic guitar but only for a quick moment or two. There was a slight hint of backing vocals but they really needed to be a little bit stronger to make more of an impact on the song. The lead off acoustic in the their fifth song did a  great job in picking up the pace during the opening of the song, but the tempo did slow down a little bit shortly after. By this time in their set it looked as though the band had finally settled in on the stage and moving a little more while playing. As I watched the drummer play all of a sudden I noticed that he started using his tambourine as a drumstick, I really don’t see this being done all that often as I used to for some reason but it does add a nice sounding effect. Their last song of the night really slowed down the tempo of their set. I was a little surprised that they chose this song as their last song because it really quieted down the audience as well. The song idea was an interesting one as they wrote it about the first prisoner who broke out of the Kingston Pen. At the end of the song they which ended kind of abruptly, and by the look on each band member they didn’t really think it was their last song either, they just smiled and Dave said that was their last song and that was that.

When Brad Sucks took to the stage he opened up with a “Public Service Announcement” talking about the leak bucket which was placed near the center of the room. Then he asked for everyone to move closer to the stage because he couldn’t see anyone if they were going to yell obscenities he wouldn’t be able to respond to them. Which I thought was a jab at myself because of the last review I wrote when they played. After the announcements Brad started up his laptop and kicked off with a catchy drumbeat and played “Fake It”. “There’s Something Wrong” which was their third song an acoustic guitar got brought out, this is where the laptop and pre loaded songs came to shine, along with the extra drumbeat there was also a high level of bass guitar added to the song. But is also really makes you pay attention to what is going on stage and see what instrument is playing what. The mixture of the acoustic and electric guitars blended well together and you could hear both guitars just not one or the other as the first set, also to go along with the guitars was a wicked sounding synth section which |Brad played about halfway through the song. The synth really shot out of the song and gave the song an eighties feel. The song which followed was called “Douche Bag” the song brought back memories of 90’s grunge, there was a great sounding heavy Bass intro the vocals however were a little melodramatic but did go really well with the instrumental aspect of the song. With the help of a couple of pedals the sound of the guitars did sound a little grungier then the beginning.

Before they played “Making Me Nervous” Brad explained that people usually tend to like it so here you go. The song sounded as if it came from the late 80’s early 90’s pop especially because of the bass groove at the beginning. Throughout the song the riffs which were played were real catchy I couldn’t really settle on my favourite because I liked them all the same. With the use of the Synth again really made the song stand out. Before “Sick as a dog” brad explained the meaning behind the song, the joke which went along with the explanation was pretty funny but it was one of those jokes where you just had to be there. This song proved to be my favourite song of the night. During the song a guy who was standing near the back came up to the drip bucket with a cup and waited for a drop to fall in his cup and when it did he drank it down.

After the song “Fixing My Brain” the pace of their set was slowed down a little bit and played a song what almost sounded as if the backing tracks were taken out of 2001 A Space Odyssey.  A miss fire by Brads laptop made them talk about firing their bassist which got a few laughs from the audience, which was still filtering in a leaving at around the same levels. It was too bad that it was raining as it did because I’m pretty sure that is what created the damper on the attendance. By the time their set was done they played for about ninety minutes which was great because the last time I saw him play they only played a short set.