Bullmoose Reunion Show 2014

What a Sweet Little Tease it was last Saturday night was down at The Cove in Westport as Bullmoose took to the stage for one night only reunion show. Quickly Jeff, Seamus and Eric were reminded of the fan base that they have left behind as The Cove filled with fans friends and family throughout the night.

Rock and Roll what Bullmoose came to play tonight and tear it up they did and I imagine my thoughts were the same as the audiences that were wanted to Pray that this night was never going to end. Quickly Bullmoose proved why it was a wicked idea to Take Your Baby To The Country tonight and down to Westport at The Cove Inn. Throughout the night The Cove was packed with fans, friends and family. The smooth bass grooves and guitar solos of I’m A Ram put people up onto the dance floor where most stayed of the crowd hung around for most of the night. Bullmoose quickly proved that everyone in the Cove that they still have the Young Blood Blues at heart and right after they asked Dear Mr. Fantasy if they could play us a tune but ran into a Daily Dilemma of there only being so many hours in a day and the night was drawing closer to an end and it was going to be such a Shameful feeling as Bullmoose was Diggin A Hole for our thoughts as we are now going to have to wait another couple of years before another possible reunion show. With about twenty minutes left into their first set Eric let us know that they were about to take a break so they could get a drink and to give our ringing ears a break since people were requesting Eric to keep “turning up his guitar” through the first couple of songs during the set. They also let us know that their second set was going to consist of songs off of their “new” album. But first we could enjoy our drinks wether it be alcoholic or non alcoholic including the people who were drinking Black Coffee and with that they finished off the first set and let people go outside and enjoys some PoorMans Hash.

After a bit of a break Bullmoose was back to let us know that we have to be careful of the Lessons Learned throughout life with I have to add some sweet sounding slide work from Eric. While still keeping with slide Bullmoose could act like they Just Got Paid, since their Baby’s Been Sold as they played us a blues number letting us that we didn’t have to have any mercy Waitin’ For The Bus outside after the show or seeing if Jesus Just Left Chicago. After a quick story about their first across Canada tour and staying in a dank old hotel they decided to play us a Lullaby in the forms of a Grey Mountain Lullaby. It was definitely going to be Hard To Find another place around Westport or even Kingston that had so much excitement and killer atmosphere then what was going on in The Cove tonight. Going back a few earlier statements I’m pretty sure Bullmoose pronounced and protruded in the form of song that With A Little Help From My Friends they could have never made it as far as they did. Now Won’t Get Fooled Again into thinking that this night was going to last forever and Magically Bullmoose was going to keep playing and playing, eventually and collectively we had to say Thank You to each other but after Seamus asked the audience if they had a lighter before they played the first song that Bullmoose had ever played together on. To finish off the night Bullmoose told us to keep on Rockin’ In The Free World. Also don’t forget to check them out on Myspace.


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