Daniel Wesley Live @ The Merchant Tap House

On Friday night Daniel Wesley made his way back to Kingston with a sold out Merchant Tap House. The show on Friday marked the fourth time that I have watched Daniel Wesley play live and he keeps making me wanting more.

Starting the night off to a mediocre crowd to my amazement was Dane Hartsell. His set up was as a three piece band with Dane on Lead Guitar and Vocals, and a Keyboardist and Drummer. He didn’t take long in blowing people away with his amazing Jazz/Rock and Pop vocals. His drastic vocal changes from a soft jazz/pop sound to a high strung scratchy rock sound was performed tremendously throughout his set. It was real shame that there weren’t more people around to watch his set. It didn’t seem to take to Dane at all as he was constantly trying to engage a rather quiet audience, sometimes it worked for him and other times it didn’t. A couple of times during his set the songs became a bit of a jam session but sounded as if the extended duration belonged in the song. By the way the keyboardist and drummer where looking at each other during a couple of songs you could tell that they were also experimenting as well. By the time he finished his set there were a few more attentive audience members watching his set.

After about an hour wait Daniel took to the stage with two members from Rebel Emergency on Jeremy on drums and Mike on Bass Guitar. As I spoke to Daniel before the show he set that his set was going to contain songs from all his albums possibly including a new one or two. The set started off with “Drunk and Stoned” followed with “Lonely Life” and “Sing & Dance”. The last time I saw Daniel play pretty much half of his set was sang by the audience but tonight was a little different Ooo Ohh was probably the most vulnerable song but other than there the audience didn’t hang onto every word as the last time. Ooo Ohh the extended version was almost lost due to the audience taking a few seconds to catch on to what Daniel was calling out into the microphone. It didn’t take very long before people were calling out songs to be played, Daniel fended them off for a bit but finally folded a little and agreed to play a couple of the requests. One of the songs being “You Ain’t Shit”, I am pretty sure this was the first time that I have heard him play this song live. I also asked if he was going to play the one cover song which he included on one of his albums and to my surprise he played “My Pony”.  As “Cocaine and Cops” was being introduced, Daniel made a slight reference about hanging out a couple of times with The Trews where he had no part in it. Normally I don’t mention the antics of drunken audience members but this was too good to let slip by, some drunk guy thought he would sneak in beside a women in the front row and it only took them about two seconds to both end up on the floor and slightly taking out Daniels microphone before fully taking out the front stage monitor on the way down and also a couple of peoples drinks as well. To finish off the night was “Pilgrimage”, during the song around the halfway mark Jeremy probably twirled his left drum stick continuously for about a minute as he still played his right hand.