Daniel Wesley with Rebel Emergency

Rebel Emergency and Daniel Wesley packed the Time To Laugh Comedy Club on Friday night.  

I don’t think that I have ever been to a show at The Time To Laugh that was so packed before, even for the opening band as well. At the start of the night for the first band Unconscious Encore the back half of the venue was cut off for the underage, so the back half was pretty full.

After listening to Unconscious Encore on their myspace page I knew it was going to be a hit or miss. It was a miss. What I couldn’t understand was why the entire band except for the guitarist decided to take their shirts off at different stages during their set. Most of the vocals were mumbled through or were really incoherent.  Their sound was also not really set for the what was about to come later on in the night.

This was the first time which I have caught a Rebel Emergency show in Kingston. They have played Kingston a few times before but something had always came up. I didn’t really know what I was missing until Friday night, God damn I wish I never missed any of the previous shows. Right from the start of their show all the members of Rebel Emergency were full of energy and used the entire stage to their advantage, I don‘t think they stayed in one place for more then ten seconds at a time. At many times throughout their set the Roddy their lead singer had the women in the front row dancing away with him. The entire band was great at feeding into the audience and getting them pumped up for Daniel Wesley. What made their live performance stand out to me the most compared to all the other Ska bands which I have watched over the years was the vocals. After the show I had a chance to talk to Roddy about his vocals to see if he had any vocal training before and he said he never had any training before. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for the onstage unrestrained character which Roddy was their live show would suffer. Rebel Emergency played songs from their debut album Love Ain’t Free, also songs from their upcoming album which is in the works. They also played a cover song as well which was a Kings Of Leon tune “Fans”. For their last song Daniel Wesley got on stage and helped out with the vocals.

This was the second time that I have attended a Daniel Wesley show. This first time was his acoustic show when he opened up for the Trews. Throughout the night there wasn’t too many songs which the audience wasn’t singing along to every word. I managed to get a nice spot in the second row for this show which I was surprised that I was able to do. By this time in the night The Time To Laugh seemed to get even more filled up than it was when Rebel Emergency was on the stage.  I have all of his albums that he has released but I was still eager to hear the main hits which the radio stations seem to only play which include Ooo Ohh, Pilgrimage,  and Drunk and Stoned. After watching him play for about an hour now I have new songs which I have taken a liking to. With the inclusion of his hit songs Daniel also through in a couple of new songs which the band just finished writing and was trying them out to see how they were going to go over. The audience seemed to have enjoyed the songs. During the song Ooo Ohh, Daniel played an extended version of the song which ended up being around eight minutes long. I got lucky during Pilgrimage as I missed the starting of the song for video, but when Daniel started to jump at the start of the song his guitar strap came loose and they had to restart the song again. For the last couple of songs The guys from Rebel Emergency were brought back out onto the stage. Roddy tried to climb up onto the shoulders of the Bassist and the Bassist from Rebel Emergency was playing the cowbell. They brought out more drums so both drummers were able to play. The two bands finished out the night with a Bob Marley “One Love” and Roddy handed out the mic for people to sing and somehow I ended up with the mic in front of my face during the last pass.