Danko Jones Live @ The Merchant Tap House

Danko Jones made their return back to Kingston playing once again at The Merchant Tap House. There is nothing better than seeing such a in your face band such as Danko Jones on the small and enclosed venue such as The Merchant Tap House, the ankle high stage sets such a different scene and vice to the show.

Starting off the show Danko Jones played us a “New” song titled “Who Got It” off their upcoming album Garage Rock – A Collection of lost songs from 1996-1998. Their set tonight was a mix up of songs from their catalogue of albums. The songs were not played in really any type of order adjacent to the album’s release dates. The power and intensity of Danko Jones quickly took over the Merchant tonight as they quickly powered through the first couple of songs before he set off on one of his many banters of the night, which for me makes for one hell of an entertaining set. He was quick to call out and put down people who were brave or drunk enough to yell things out during the set. He really went out on the people who were calling out songs, as he so timely put “We don’t want to be known as a band who doesn’t play covers”. Danko Jones was however quite impressed with the “Kingston” audience when they would call out a rare song especially when they never appeared as a single or even on an album, which to that he politely thanked them for being a fan. “First Date” was one of the first songs which the audience took to the most pretty much singing every lyric along with Danko, but with Danko very quickly talking out the interlude lyrics threw people off their game. JC didn’t even have to really try to get the audience to hand clap along multiple times to the songs tonight.

About half way through their set I would have sworn that the set was only going for about five minutes while in fact they have already played for about forty five minutes due to the energy on and off stage that was buzzing around the Merchant. Even halfway through the set I was amazed by how intense their set had already become, especially by the way they were powering through their songs not giving the audience or themselves a break in between songs.

Their encore set was pretty good especially with the rant that Danko did when he addressed the dressing room issue. During the encore set we got to hear “Code Of The Road”, “Legs” which was one of my favourite performed songs of the night, and finally “Bring On The Mountain” to finish off the night.

Danko Jones was not shy about releases his wealth of rock history upon the audience tonight either, with Northern Lights being one of the most hard spoken lessons that we received which we heard close to the end of the night, but not to be outdone by the name dropping that Danko Jones did during “Bring On The Mountain”.

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