Default with State Of Shock

This was about the fifth time that I have saw State Of Shock perform and the first time for Default. State Of Shock again didn’t disappoint whatsoever, and I am sure I will catch them again when they are back in Kingston.

The was also the first time that The Ale House had a band playing before Ten that I can remember. I wasn’t even in the door yet and they had the first band playing who were Fully Loaded.

I never heard of Fully Loaded before and they were good. They gave off a lot of energy throughout their entire performance. I was also surprised at how hard the drummer was hitting his drums and how he kept it up throughout their set. I don’t even think they really needed to mic up his drums at all because of how hard he was hitting them. Another thing that also impressed me about the band was how they were able to react and interact with the crowd. I find usually the first band of the night just stands in one spot and plays but these guys were all over the stage and playing to the crowd. I was surprised that there was already a good two or three solid rows of people at the start of the night, but I am pretty sure that the band brought a few more people to the front of the stage. Their set list was a little mixture of songs, they mixed in slower tempo songs with faster tempo songs. My favourite song was “Victim” this song they lapped it up with the audience. This song saw the bands biggest attraction from the crowd. Their live stuff also sounds a lot heavier then it does from their recorded songs. So you pretty much have to check these guys out live to fully appreciate their music.

The band change wasn’t all that bad because there had to be at least five people on stage tearing down and setting up. There was still around a half hour wait though but it was well worth it.

The last time that I saw State Of Shock was at an all ages show at the Ale House. The 19 + show was diffidently better. They could pretty much say what they wanted this time around, which I thought was way better. Their set list hasn’t changed all that much from the last time. They played a couple of their heavier songs from their first album, but they mostly stuck to their newer music. State Of Shock played for about an hour or so. The audience seemed to react more to their newer music and mostly to the songs that are played on the radio the most. Money Honey still seems to be their stand out hit that they play and the song that the audience takes to the most. I found this time around the band used more of the stage than their previous shows. Everybody didn’t stay to their own side or their own spot on the stage as much as they have in the previous concerts. I’m not sure if it was where I was standing or not but when they played the first song off their new album called “Life, Love & Lies but Kadooh’s guitar just screamed out of the speaker throughout the entire song, especially during the higher tones in the song. In the song Too Pretty Cam played to all the women in the front row, and it was pretty funny when he made fun of one of the cougars that was in the front row. This show being about the fifth time that I have saw State Of Shock, I’m still pretty sure that I am going to see them again when they stop back into K-Town.

I wasn’t really a fan of Default because of how a couple of their songs where over played on K- rock almost a little too much for me. But after seeing and hearing them play their songs live I am a bit more of a fan than I was. The vocals were spot on with the recorded versions of their songs, I find this really shows how good a band actually is. Default played a few of their songs off of their new album and they still played their hit songs off all of their albums. Default was right full of energy when they took to the stage and didn’t stop until the end of the night. All the members also used the full stage and didn’t really stand in one spot. I found myself watching the bass player a little bit more than the rest of the band even though he was on the other side of the stage from where I was. He moved and played to the crowd a lot more than most bass players usually do. I was also surprised that there was only one mic on stage and how none of the other members said anything into the mic all set long. The crowd appreciated the fact that Default played their older tunes as well because they pretty much sang along throughout the songs. I think my favourite song on the night was wasting my time, Just plainly because of how well the vocals were, I still just can’t get over how well they were. Well in the end I came in a little skeptical on how Default was going to be and I left as a born again fan of the band.