DIY January with Mindee Fillion, Vorasek, The Plaid Lads, and Others

On Tuesday night was the second installment of the DIY show series being hosted at The Mansion. The main theme of the night was the fact that everything was unplugged meaning there were no amps or microphones in play.

The only real downside to the fact that the musicians were unplugged was the fact that during a couple of the sets it became rather difficult to hear the vocals due to the fact of people talking while the musicians were performing. There were other means that went into bringing people into the show with a silent auctions which was donated by local businesses and artists. The funds which were being raised went towards a fund called Skateistan,!/skateistan your best off to read the details for yourself rather than me trying to describe it because you may not believe what you read at first.

I was a little surprised by the turnout with the way Tricia was promoting the show I though the place was going to be packed but by the end of the night the rough count of $300. The night also went way longer than I expected it to, The music started around 10:30 and didn’t finish until around two in the morning. I originally thought the night was going to end rather early around twelve or so.

The Musicians who donned the  stage in order were Mindee Fillion, The Plaid Lads, Tricia Robinson and Ira Smith, Vorasek and Chris McDonald and Nick Pickins.

Musically it was a interesting night as each performing played a mixture of covers and original songs, there were many different genres which were played. The Plaid Lads were probably the most diverse out of the performers as they played Latin, Jazz and classical. Mindee Fillion is a musician that I am hoping to get to hear more of in Kingston I was really impressed with her vocals throughout her set especially due to the fact the songs which she played were original songs. Tricia and Ira joined forces and played original and cover songs. Hearing recent Band Slam winners Vorasek songs in acoustic tune was really cool, it was funny watching Jeeves and Pat trying to stay sitting in their chairs throughout their songs it was amazing even in acoustic the energy that they can disperse from the stage. Finishing out the night was Nick Pickins and Chris McDonald, they played a mixture of cover songs including a original Liquor Box song which is soon going to be recorded. I thought Nick was going to bring his Banjo along but instead he switched things up for an acoustic guitar to go along with Chris.