Doll, T3RR3STRIAl, Tiger Uppercut and Far From Venus

There were a few people leaving the Mansion Friday night
with their ears ringing as Doll, T3RR3STRIAl, Tiger Uppercut and Far From Venus
took to the stage.

The turnout was a little disappointing tonight, It didn’t
seem to bother the bands performances by any means they still put on a show as
if the Mansion was packed full of people. It was also a good night for bands to
try out a few new things as well.

Starting off the night was Tiger Uppercut, this was the
second time now that I have watched the guys play, and I have already noticed
that their sound has changed slightly from the first show that I saw them play.
Their set was a bit of a mix of genres
and tempos such as the first time I watched them play. It is still rather
difficult to find a common sound which I can fully explain their sound but a
mixture of indie, garage, grunge, surf, punk, and rock pretty much covers it.
Josh’s angry scratchy vocals do play a major part in their sound especially
when the song Pink Underwear needed a bit of a kick. Aiden learned firsthand on
what happens when you step up on stage rather quickly. The guitar riffs by Jason
were definitely creative at times especially during the song Heart Of The
Valley which was my favourite song of their set. Josh’s and Jason’s bass and
guitar work go together as a prime sound for the band. Around the middle of their
set Josh had to break it down for an audience member when they asked “where is their
album?” to the extent of their probably is not going to be one any time soon.
Their set lasted for around half an hour.

T3RR3STRIAL was next onto the stage. Now here is a band that
is getting better and better each time I see the guys play. Currently they have
been playing quite a few shows so they were well practiced up for tonight’s
show. Matt is still the member who has come the furthest with his abilities to
help lead the band. His screaming and out of control outbursts are now helping
the set and creating a scene to help catch the eyes of the audience. “Sharks In
Our Swimming Pools” has now become my favourite T3RR3STRIAL song after tonight’s
performance of the song, there was something about their performance of the
song tonight that was a more in your face version. We were told that the set
tonight was going to be Josh’s last Kingston show with the band. Now the only
problem that T3RR3STRIAL has with a thirty minute set is the fact that they
only get to play a small amount of songs as their songs are quite lengthy. I
thought starting off their set with “Deaf Comic” was an interesting choice for
the guys, I don’t think I have ever heard them do that before. One song that
was missing from their set which was always an audience favourite was their
cover of the Terminator theme song. At the end of their set Matt crouched down in
front of the drum kit and all I could think of is this is where the strobe
light usually meets its demise, but there was a lack of one again tonight.

One of these nights I would love to see Doll play more than
a half hour to forty five minute set, especially after waiting almost a year
since I saw them play last. Tonight and for the rest of the tour they have  a stand in drummer Taylor and by the way he
was playing you would think he played with band full time Tonight they featured
a couple of new songs, one of them being a new cover. A couple of their songs
sounded as if they have made a few minor tweaks to them. Just before they
started their set tonight Christina called out to the crowd and signaled for
everyone to come closer to the stage, it took a couple of seconds before anyone
moved but in no time people moved up closer to the stage. Christina wasn’t
scared to jump off stage and sing in the crowd either during their new song “Party”;
she might have put the audience back about five more feet from the stage as
they were trying to make room for her to move around. The different sound that they
went with in “Party” was really good. It was more of a rock sound then grunge
but still with Christina’s screaming vocals, but it was the Bass intro from
Vance that really caught my attention at first. The bass guitar almost powers
most of the song and Pete still rips through the song with his guitar. “Jailbreak”
was a definite surprise cover by the band I didn’t expect to hear this song
from the band at all. They definitely had the Doll sounding twist embedded into
the song. To finish off the night in true Doll fashion they finished off with
the song “Plastic Lies” to finish off the last minute of the song they invited
the audience up on stage to help finish off the song and even I managed to fit
onstage this time round.