Doll with Scarlette Sins

Doll, Scarlett Sins and Captain Lavender took to the stage Sunday Night at BarNone. There was the typical size Sunday night crowd at BarNone, there was however a few more people than I thought that was going to show up. My experience with a Sunday night crowd is there are the bands and maybe two or three other people in the bar.

The timeline didn’t follow exactly as planned, there was about an hour delay before Doll took to the stage. What impressed me the most about Doll was the vocals that came out of Christina. The vocals were very strong and heavy which sounded great. I was very surprised at the strength of the vocals because of the size of the lead singer Christina Kasper. Her guitar playing is also worth noting, She can play. She gets on the stage and proves that she can front a Metal band. As I looked around I could tell that the other musicians were taking note of Doll songs, They are catchy and right in your face and LOUD. Pete Kasper picks up the guitars where Christina leaves off. Both Christina and Pete’s guitar blended together nicely unlike most Metal bands where the playing sounds really sporadic. The screams in the vocals were also right on. They sounded great and were placed in the right areas in the song. All the members were not afraid to use the stage which was great they weren’t always standing in one spot. They played out a forty five minute or longer set and they are definitely worth checking out.

To my surprise Scarlett Sins were up next I thought it would have been Captain Lavender. Scarlett Sins were out to prove themselves with their first Kingston visit. Making Kingston their last stop on their three show weekend, they didn’t show any fatigue from the previous nights. It wasn’t hard to tell that most of the audience was there to see Scarlett Sins because when they were done pretty much everybody left. One of the highlights of the night was when the guy who was playing along all night with his blow up guitar got to take the stage with Scarlett Sins. I have seen some funny events happen on stage before but I think this is the new highlight. I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I have ever seen all female Metal band before and they kicked some serious ASS. They know their sh*t and they are not afraid to show it. After the first song that Scarlett Sins played they had the entire bar gazing at the stage. My favourite song of the night that Scarlett Sins played was their last song “Drown”. This song sounded amazing live, the song sounded a lot heavier and the live vocals were stand out amazing. As amazing as the vocals were the Guitars also were just as good, watching Christina pull off her mini solo in the song was wicked. I was hoping that they were going to do a larger set but time played a factor in that. Scarlet Sins were also not afraid to use the entire stage to their advantage, even the stage speakers were used to their advantage. I thought the Doll was loud but it seemed as though the speakers got turned up a couple of notches when Scarlet Sins took to the stage, they also brought along their own sound tech as well. The Scarlet sins in my mind put on the best all round set this evening.

Last onto the stage was Captain Lavender, I wasn’t sure about sticking around for these guys but it was a good thing that I did. These guys were quite the site to see. The lead singer is a definite character he was pretty amusing to watch. This was the first time that I have seen someone dive off the speakers and use their head as a drumstick. His vocals were very close to sounding as Jack White from The White Stripes. He had a couple of other feats that I was surprised at. He jumped off the speaker and landed on the drink railing at the front of the stage and then dove off of the onto his side. He moved around the stage sporadically throughout their set. The lead guitar player is also pretty good I was very surprised at the riff that he was pulling off, his playing is definitely a couple years ahead where most people are at his age. Their music was more of a comedic sound and were also catchy at the same time. Out of the three bands they were the only ones who were cheered on for an encore.