Doll with The Balconies and Gutter Honey

Doll returned to The Mansion once again with openers The Balconies and local band Gutter Honey.

This was going to be the first time that I have watched the Balconies and the second time for Gutter Honey, and I have lost track how many times now that I have watched Doll play live.

Starting the show off was local band Gutter Honey. They played a mixture of originals and cover songs, but more or less their originals were almost cover songs as well. Throughout their set there were many songs where you could tell that the riff was from another song yet it was hard to try and figure it out. One of my favourite songs which also happened to be the first song that I noticed it in was when they took the main riff from “Louie Louie”. After I heard that it almost became a game with a few other people seeing who could pick the riff out first. The one that got us all was a riff which appears in a couple of other 90’s alternative songs but tonight it was a cover from Them Crooked Vultures that they played. But going past the riff aspect of their set their vocals were a lot better this time around.  Their set was a wide mixture of different genres and tempos. They almost went down to pop music because of their vocals to hard rock because of the guitars and heavy bass riffs in a couple of songs.  It will be interesting to see what they play the next time that I catch their show.

Up next was The Balconies these guys put on one hell of a rock show. They energy, the Guitar Riffs, the Bass Lines and Jacquie’s oh so tight pants. It didn’t take them long before The Balconies commanded the attention from the entire room although it may have been a tie with people watching the stage for the music and watching Jacquie groove and move back and forth across the stage continuously with probably most and best footwork that I have watched before on The Mansion stage.  It took them a couple of songs before people started to make their way towards the stage from hiding out in the back. The one song that took me away the most during their set was their song called “Kill Count”, right from the simple vocal opening to the catchy riffs throughout the song this song will easily catch the attention of radio programmers. Jacquie even had all the leg moves to go along with every riff and guitar chord change in the song which didn’t hurt the eyes. This wasn’t their first time in Kingston and I bet it will not be their last either after the rock fuelled set that they played.  They were playing songs from their EP Kill Count.

Finally after watching around six bands so far throughout the night Doll was here to close the night off, taking the stage a little after 12. It didn’t take Nick was snarling down at the audience and giving one of the best metal glares around and thanking the audience for coming out and staying for their set. With a little different set list then the last time I saw them. They are still out in support of their newest album The Ragdoll Diaries. I have never heard a Billy Idol White Wedding played before like they do but they have certainly created a version to call their own. Earlier on in the set it wasn’t hard to see who wears the pants in the band and Christina gave yell over to Pete to hurry with the guitar tuning. Even the stage couldn’t contain Christina as she made her way off the stage a few times to play in the crowd.  For a couple of us in the crowd one of the hidden highlight of their set was when Alex was trying to use his pedal a couple of times throughout their set (Check the pics).  There was one song in particular that I wanted to hear was “FMO” but it didn’t make the cut this time around. Also I have always found that they are usually stuck with playing eight songs each time that they play, so hopefully next time they will get to play a much longer set, it’s a pain waiting to see Doll play live then only getting to hear a few songs each time. I have always been impressed by Christina’s vocals how they are able to hit such harsh notes then quickly pull of a softer note right after. Also if you have a listen live and compare the vocals to the album you will realize that there is not much of a difference.  To finish off their set they finished with a song from their last album “Daddy’s Little Girl”.


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