Eclipse The Pink Floyd Story

Eclipse The Pink Floyd Story

Last night was the best audio and visual show I have ever been to before in my life. I will admit that I never really followed Pink Floyd all that closely except for the same songs which most people know Pink Floyd for, but after last nights performance I found myself this morning starting to dig a little deeper into their catalogue.  I was also blown away with coordination and timing and how crucial everything had to be to make the show the success that it is. I couldn’t even start to fathom the time it took to create such a visual and creative show as last nights show provided. Not only did you get to listen to a broad history of Pink Floyd, the show also garnered a history lesson about Pink Floyd as well. The visual history aspect about the show was so gratifying that it wasn’t as if they were cramming everything down your throat, with the help of the white canvas hanging above the stage they simply passed along history blurbs in between songs. The visuals really set your mind ahead for what was about to come within the next couple of songs and from what album the songs where coming off of, as they hand selected only a couple of songs from the albums. The lightshow really pushed this show over the edge, with the audience constantly being barraged with highly orchestrated lighting effects.

To begin the night a white sheet covered the stage as the band began to play with the guitarists slowly moving back and forth to create a larger and smaller silhouette of themselves. When the sheet fell from the ceiling to the stage floor confetti was spilled out and the they moved into their next songs and the crowd was quickly blinded by the lights which where placed across the front of the stage.  Throughout the night the audience was tested with their knowledge of Pink Floyd history of songs and facts.

Throughout the night the sound system reigned supreme with top notch quality sound and effects as Sennheiser was the brand of choice. One of my favourite moments of the night came during “Money” as the sound of money and cash registers rolled around the arena playing in a synchronized order  jumping from side to side and fully enclosed around my head, I found myself including others looking up to exactly where the sound was coming from in the ceilings due to the effect which was created.

There are way too many songs to mention where the lighting became one of the driving forces behind the songs but the starting of “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” is a must mention, as the helicopter sound effect played out a spotlight was beaming sporadically over the audience which quickly brought people to their feet as the light fell overtop of them.

The band is Peter Grant – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Chaz Butcher on Bass, Acoustic, Vocals, Chris De Zordo on Keyboards and vocals, Dan Legault on Drums, Yannick Coderre on Sax and Guitar,

The back up singers played a definite highlight in the night as they sang a shivering rendition of “The Great Gig In The Sky” each back up singer had a specific range and tone which they sang. As each singer finished her part the audience quickly honoured them with a appeasing applause.

Out of all the songs of the night I could they definitely left their mark with “Wish You Were Here”, the opening acoustic riff to the song instantly raised the hairs on my arms, even quicker was the audience greeting applause for the song. As the song finished there was a small portion of the audience who gave the song a standing ovation.

“Mother” was another significant song in the set and it brought out a faint sounding backing vocals from the audience. There was a slight change to the lyrics after the line of “Mother, Should I trust the Government” with “I don’t Think so” which quickly brought out acceptable  “boos” from the audience referring to the lyric line before.

To finish off an amazing night they finished off the night with “Comfortably Numb” with a giant Mirror Ball which was covered up all night being lowered down upon the audience.