Gigantour Megadeth, Motorhead, Volbeat Lacuna Coil

There was the best Metal show that I have ever witnessed before in my life as Gigantour came to the K Rock Centre.  With Megadeth, Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil.

Not only was that the best Metal show ever but the loudest show that I have been to as well. I have never experienced loud music that intense before in my life. As I was standing in front of the speakers in the pit the sound of the double kick drum felt as if my chest was about to explode.

I will give each band a high praise for the appreciation they had toward the audience throughout each of their sets. Every few songs the bands were thanking the audience for coming to the show, and not forgetting to mention the swag that each band threw out in to the crowd. If you were in the first few rows there was a good chance that you would walk out the K Rock Centre with a guitar pick, drumstick, Arm bands, Drum Skins, and even the shirts off their backs.

Lacuna Coil started the night off it is no wonder why they were hand picked by Dave Mustaine. Just fresh off the release of their brand new album that was released a couple of weeks ago called Dark Adrenaline they were pushing the sound barrier right away. One of the most interesting facts about the band is the fact that they have two lead singers but it was hard to take your eyes off of Christina as she smoked out her vocals and quickly took control of the stage and the audience. They were only one song in and they had the entire floor fist pumping and ready to go. The vocals between Christina and Andrea throughout the set sounded great together as they systematically were changing between lead and backing vocals. They had a slight lean on towards an Evanescence sound but a lot heavier and way more Riffs which the audience ate right up. My favourite song of their set was their new song called “Kill The Light”.

Volbeat was up next and quickly I thought they were going to steal the show. Talk about a high octane performance which they kept up all set long. Before Michael even hit his Microphone he took a huge swig from the bottle of Jack that be brought up with him. Right away I thought to myself why the Hell haven’t I checked these guys out before. Starting off their set they hit the audience with “A Warrior’s Call”, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” is all that needed to be yelled out and the audience f’n ate it up. It is unusual to see the audience fist pumping to an opening band let alone the opening song into their set but that is exactly what happened even throughout the entire set people were pumped, and Volbeat nailed them with song after song not giving anybody a chance to catch themselves. Their sound Rockabilly meets Metal with some of the best Rock vocals that I have heard live in a long time. The stage wasn’t even big enough for the guys as they ended up playing on the speakers in front of the stage a few times throughout their set. This was the first time that I have seen a lead singer use all the microphones on stage before throughout the set the guys were changing their places on stage. At the end of their set all of sudden all I could see was a drum skin going flying out into the audience and handfuls of guitar picks and even the shirt of their backs. To the people who are yet to watch the Gigantour watch out for Volbeat.

Finally after a years of waiting for Motorhead to come back to Kingston I finally got to witness the legend Lemmy with my own eyes. Before he even got to the stage the audience started to chant Lemmy’s name. There is a reason why Motorhead is called the loudest band in the world, after the second song they asked the audience if they wanted it louder and quickly Lemmy gave the signal to the sound guys to turn it up.  I ended up moving as far back from the stage as I could just so I could take in Lemmy’s vocals. Watching Motorhead live is something every Rock N Roll fan has to do. Motorhead was out supporting their new album as well called The World Is Yours and they also played songs from their early albums as well which was awesome. “Ace Of Spades” came down later on in their set which will forever be stuck in my head, I don’t know how many times I have watched videos of the song or have listened to the song but to finally witness the song live was Awesome. “The One To Sing The Blues” brought on one hell of a drum solo which Lemmy and Phil left the stage for, to finish off the solo there was a wicked smoke effect which came out from both sides of the drummer, then even to give the audience even more Phil finished out the song by shredding the shit out his guitar. I was a little surprised by the lack of lighting for Phil throughout each of his solo’s that he played he was left without a spotlight a few times even when he was front and center of the stage. “Killed By Death” was another classic Motorhead song that I had to hear, the ending of the song had a wicked effect with drumsticks being thrown threw the air behind the drummer. To finish off the set Lemmy gave his classic line “We’re Motorhead and we play Fuckin Rock N Roll.”

To start of Megadeth’s set there was a curtain blocking the audience from seeing what was happening on stage. All it took for the curtain to fall was the opening riff to “Trust” there was no better song to start their set off with then the song that originally kick started the band off. Dave came out playing his double neck twelve and six string guitar, then quickly I got to witness Chris Broderick shredding within a foot of my face. This is was now the loudest concert that I have ever been to I will never forget the force from the speakers as I was leaning on them to take photos, I thought my chest was going to collapse from the drums. It only took until the second song before the first person was crowd surfed over the fence and into the pit area and it wasn’t going to be the last, throughout the night it seemed to be a steady flow of people over the gate.  Megadeth played a mixture of their classic song as well as songs off of their new album Th1rt3en. I don’t think there will be a person in that audience that will not remember Chris ripping through Hangar 18 there is just no way could someone forget that. The one song that stuck out for me the most was the duet with Christina from Lacuna Coil, Dave went on a mission for a longtime he explained trying to find the perfect vocalist to sing “A Tout Le Monde” with him and he has found it with Christina. People throughout the set were constantly chanting Megadeth which Dave thanked over and over again even walking from one side to the other simply clapping and thanking the audience. Earlier on in the month K Rock had a contest for some lucky winner to win the guitar off of Dave’s back and Stephane Letourneau was the lucky winner and he got to go up on stage and get the guitar which Dave just finished playing with. Vic Rattlehead made an appearance nearing the end of the night slowly pointing to a few people in the audience then signaling death towards them; Vic Rattlehead did this on both ends of the stage then slowly walked to the back of the stage. For an encore Dave came out and pitted both sides of the audience against each other in a cheering contest then keeping within his political views he apologized for his president for not letting the pipeline deal go through and then to finish off the night they played “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”, which followed with the guys throwing out handfuls of guitar picks, their armbands and drum sticks.

Lacuna Coil


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